4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8 .500
Season Total: 93-83 .528



Ravens 24 Texans 13

Leading by 21 points and by 10 points with less then a minute the Texans managed to find a way to lose the game at home to the Rams. Clearly focused on Reggie Bush the Texans look like a teams whose slogan the rest of the year should be refuse to win, as they lose again even it means giving the Ravens a defensive touchdown or 2.


Panthers 24 Falcons 17

This one should be a good one as both teams are fighting for first place in the NFC South. The key could simply comedown to the home field as the Falcons used to playing indoors goes outside and struggles with the Panthers defense slowing down Michael Vick and their balanced offense led by WR Steve Smith grabbing the divisions edge.


Bears 24 Packers 6

Sunday it will happen the Packers will fall to 2-10 and Brett Favre will head to the sidelines. The record fits the Packers who have been bad in all facets of the game including at QB where Brett Favre looks like an old 36 in the midst of what could be his final season. Look for #4 to have a rough day and sit out the 4th Quarter.


Browns 17 Jaguars 13

The Jaguars at 8-3 are a legitimate contender if not for the Colts they would be perusing a division title. However that is with QB Byron Leftwich, who could be lost for the rest of the season with a cracked ankle. Looking ahead to the Colts also won’t help as the underrated Browns defense pulls off the upset.


Lions 24 Vikings 13

The Lions were utterly embarrassed last week, as they were no shows to their Thanksgiving game, which led to Coach Steve Marriucci being fired after 2 and a half mediocre years. Pride is an important factor in this game as the Lions will show up and bring their best while interim Coach Dick Jaroun shows why he should stay beyond this year.


Colts 31 Titans 17

The Titans won’t roll over and play dead as they will give the Colts all that they have. However the best is not enough to win the game. Look for it to be fairly close until the 3rd or 4th Quarter when the Colts will start to pull away, but the Titans will keep it close enough to at least get a cover.


Dolphins 24 Bills 13

Last week the Dolphins went on the road and took to the Raiders ending any hope the Silver and black had. Now they turn their attention to the Bills ending any hope they had. Look for the Dolphins to shut down the Bills offense no matter who is at QB, while the Dolphins runners have another good game.


Buccaneers 27 Saints 10

Last week the Saints barely beat a Jets team playing with a 4th string QB, and who was in an utter tailspin. Facing a team with real playoff aspirations, the Saints will have no chance as they have all but given up on the season. Look for the Buccaneers defense to rule the day as they win easily.


Giants 24 Cowboys 20

The battle for the NFC East has come down to these two longtime rivals. Both are coming off heart wrenching overtime losses as their kickers blew potential game winning field goals. Their early match up went to OT with the Cowboys winning in Dallas, this time it will be the Giants turn as they win a nail biter.


Bengals 30 Steelers 17

The Steelers have lost 2 in a row and face a key game against the Bengals who they trounced on the road earlier this season. However the Steelers now are not 100% QB Ben Roethlisberger returned after missing 3 games last week, but was far from his best. Without a healthy Roethlisberger the Steelers can’t win as the Bengals win.


Redskins 17 Rams 13

After a strong start that saw them at the top of the NFC East for the first half the Redskins are starting to fade with 3 straight heart wrenching losses. Facing the Rams who are coming off a miraculous comeback win behind Rookie QB Fitzgerald, the Redskins get back to .500 with a win to keep their fading hopes alive.


Cardinals 27 49ers 20

The 48ers are finally back to Rookie QB Alex Smith who after being drafted number 1 overall got hurt in his first start. His second start wont be much better as the 49ers lose to the Cardinals who are playing better as of late for the second time assuring themselves of another last place finish.


Chiefs 27 Broncos 17

The Broncos are 9-2 and feeling a Mile High after a dramatic win over the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. However, nothing can be more jarring then a trip to their traditional house of horrors in Kansas City. Look for the Chiefs to put together one of their best efforts of the season as they keep their division title hopes alive with a win over the Broncos.


Patriots 27 Jets 10

Ty Law returns to Foxboro with the Jets, he should get a warm reception from grateful Patriot fans after being a big part of their 3 championship teams. The rest of his new teammates will not be as lucky as they continue to fly like a Paper Airplane taking a noise dive shortly after take off.


Chargers 48 Raiders 17

Start learning the words to “San Diego Super Chargers” right now because you will be hearing it again and again and again as LaDanlian Tomlinson will score at least 3 Touchdowns while the Chargers destroy and humiliate the rival Raiders while laughing with delight in a Sunday Night mismatch.


Seahawks 24 Eagles 13

The Seahawks need a miracle to beat the Giants last week, as they ducked 3 bullets when kicker Jay Feeley missed 3 game winning FG attempts. This week it will be a little easier as they beat the Eagles playing without Donovan McNabb on the road. Look for strong games from Shaun Alexander and Matt Hasselbeck again the banged Eagles defense.