4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-8 .500
Season Total: 112-96 .538



Buccaneers 24 Patriots 10

The two teams that have combined to win the last 4 Super Bowls are both playing their best football as the season enters its stretch drive. The Patriots need just 1 more win to sew up the AFC East while the Bucs stunned the Panthers last week to gain first in the NFC South. Look for the Bucs defense and Cadillac Williams to be the difference in a Bucs win.


Chiefs 38 Giants 30

With Antonio Pierce and William Joseph out the Giants defense will be missing two key run stoppers at an inopportune time, as they face the Chiefs and the hard charging Larry Johnson. Look for the Chiefs to run on the Giants all day as they capture a key win to keep their playoff hopes alive by winning a shoot out in the Meadowlands.


Broncos 31 Bills 10

The Bills are mailing in the rest of the season that was apparent in their lackluster loss last week to the Patriots. Making matter worse is the friction developing between the team and WR Eric Moulds who is returns from a suspension after he threw a tantrum during a 21-point collapse in Miami two weeks ago. This one won’t even be close.


Texans 17 Cardinals 13

Fearful the NFL may be on to them throwing games for Reggie Bush the Texans actually pull one out at the end after choking in the final minutes each of the last 3 weeks as they face the ultimate NFL patsy the Arizona Cardinals who will be losing their 10th game for the 17th time in 28 years since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule.


Chargers 31 Colts 20

The Chargers who have gone through what may have been the toughest schedule in NFL history are certainly battle tested and have the weapons to end the Colts undefeated run, when this one is over both teams will be relieved as the Chargers, coming off a bad loss last week will have a much needed win and the Colts will have lost building pressure.


Jaguars 27 49ers 10

The 49ers can now see the goal line Reggie Bush is on the horizon al they need to do is lose every single game the rest of the way. Something for a team that has just 4 wins combined the last 2 years that should be rather easy like the Jaguars easy win.


Dolphins 24 Jets 6

Last week the Dolphins shut down the Chargers and LaDanlian Tomlinson for their 3rd straight win. This week with .500 on the horizon the Dolphins stay hot, by grounding the sputtering Jets, who last week beat an Oakland Raiders team that looked like an amateur team, playing for beers.


Steelers 24 Vikings 10

Last week the Steelers needing every win they can get, ended the Bears 8-game winning streak, this week they end another NFC North winning streak as they go into Minnesota and send the Vikings back to earth with a dominant defensive effort to keep their playoff hopes alive.


Panthers 34 Saints 13

In Week 1 the Saints on sheer emotion with the entire country rooting for them went into Carolina and got an upset win. Now the Saints are not on anyone’s radar, as they toil away at 3-10 coming off an emotionless loss to the Falcons on Monday Night look for the Panthers to make a big statement with a blowout win.


Eagles 27 Rams 17

In a battle of back up Quarterbacks give the edge to Mike McMahon who had a solid game against the Giants last week during an overtime loss, as Rams Ivy Leaguer Ryan Fitzpatrick has been unable to regain the magic he showed in t heir comeback win over the Texans a few weeks ago.


Titans 24 Seahawks 20

Seahawks beware red hot though you are looking ahead to the Colts next week will be a mistake if you want to beat the Titans, though the Titans are dead and buried at 4-9 they are not pushovers. The Seahawks do have some room for error and with the Colts ahead of them they will not be at their best and will be picked off on the road by the Titans.


Bengals 38 Lions 13

The Lions return home to and angry hissing booing crowd as Mussolini himself Matt Millen gestures from the press box. The growing anger and resentment which has led to jersey sales saying Fire Millen, and crowds chanting at Red Wings games. The chanting will only grow louder as the Lions look more like pussy cats in a blow out loss to the Bengals.


Browns 24 Raiders 10

Last week both teams trying out Quarterbacks while playing out the string lost. However, their loses were as different as night and day. The Browns threw a scare into the 10-3 Bengals losing on the final play, while the Raiders did not even show up to play the pathetic 3-10 Jets. This week the Browns get rewarded while the Raiders get booed at home.


Cowboys 24 Redskins 13

When they met in Dallas in Week 2 the Redskins snuck in like a thief in the night and won on sheer luck with 2 late TD passes after being dominated for 55 minutes. This time they won’t be nearly as lucky as the Cowboys dominate for 60 minutes and end any hope the Redskins had of making the playoffs.


Falcons 14 Bears 10

The Falcons are a better team then the Bears who were exposed last week in their streak breaking loss to the Steelers. Look for Michael Vick to shine in primetime again, as the Flacons underrated defense shuts down the anemic Bears offense and gets the minor upset in Soldier Field.


Packers 16 Ravens 13

After 35 years of Monday Night Football on ABC the series is ending with a whimper as strong of bad games shows just why ABC is letting ESPN have the package while NBC take advantage of flex scheduling on Sunday Nights. This one won’t be interesting as they try to sell Bret Favre who will be the difference as the Packers win in primetime again.