4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 9-7 .563
Season Total: 121-103 .540



Panthers 24 Cowboys 10

Last week Drew Bledsoe was tossed all over the field as the Cowboys were crushed by the Redskins. Facing the tough Panthers defense it won’t be any easier as Bledsoe finds half of the turf on his back again, as the Cowboys are sent off to greener pastures by the Panthers who take a step closer to a Division Title.


Bengals 38 Bills 17

The Bengals are suddenly appearing to be a dangerous team as they head to the postseason fro the first time in 15 years, spelling blood a possible first round bye the Bengals shuffle off to Buffalo and shred the Bills, as WR Chad Johnson promises a Christmas Dance.


Steelers 17 Browns 14

Nothing would please Browns more then hurting the Steelers playoff chances, and they do have the defense that can do it. Ben Reothlisberger will not have an easy day, and Rookie QB Charlie Frye has played some solid football. However, atlast the Steelers are too battle tested and will be able to escape with a close win.


Jaguars 24 Texans 13

Fearing the loss of Reggie Bush the Texans play it safe this week and fall behind early. They may make a late run or tow but they will never get that close as the Jaguars will be looking to secure a Wild Card spot in the AFC Playoffs. Look for a big game by the Jaguars defense who will have QB David Carr feeling sore on Christmas Morning.


Chiefs 34 Chargers 30

After last weeks surprise win against the Colts the Chargers still need every little bit of help to make the playoffs and can’t afford another loss. However, going into Arrowhead is tough and a let down will happen, as the Chiefs with the home field edge knock their division foes out of the playoffs with a win in a shoot out.


Dolphins 24 Titans 13

The Dolphins are really closing the season on a strong note 4 straight wins has seen them climb back to .500, and a win on Christmas Eve could move them to 8-7. Look for them to stay hot as they play the Titans at home, and start to look towards next year when they hope the return to the playoffs.


Saints 20 Lions 10

T’was the day before Christmas and the NFL was in the house not a creature was stirring nor a single fan interested, as a new GM danced in Lions fans’ heads, while the Saints with a home barely do try as Tom Benson looks towards LA or San Antonio while saying he loved New Orleans, as Santa drove out a sight he said Saints while Matt Millen gets an axe.


Rams 20 49ers 9

When these two teams met in Week 1 the 49ers beat the Rams by the Bay, since they have won just 1 game. Now in St. Louis the Rams also playing out the string will be looking to win their final home game, and they will though there will be nothing special about it as fans will better off doing their last minute Christmas Shopping.


Buccaneers 20 Falcons 13

It is becoming clearer that to stop Falcons QB Michael Vick all you need to do is hit him a few times and he becomes timid. No team beats him up more then the Buccaneers and with their playoff hopes on the line the Bucs make Vick walk the plank as the Buccaneers appear to be setting sail for the postseason while the Falcons are flying south.


Redskins 20 Giants 17

Now with the Division title in their grasp they play again. However they have room for error the Redskins don’t and for that reason this time the Redskins have the emotion carried over from their blow out of the Cowboys as they stun the Giants who struggle on the road by a Field Goal.


Eagles 24 Cardinals 20

The final NFL game at Sun Devil Stadium sees the Cardinals once again floundering 4-10 like a ringing bell year by year loss after loss, and to close things out just throw another loss on the barbie. With Kurt Warner hurt the Cardinals will be busy experimenting and focusing on next year as Mike McMahon continues to play well for the Eagles.


Broncos 37 Raiders 13

The Broncos are galloping to the playoffs while the Raiders have already sunk into a last place abyss. Don’t expect much of a fight here as the Broncos enjoy a Christmas feats by embarrassing their rivals on Christmas Eve with a blow out win. Look for a big game by Jake Plummer.


Seahawks 24 Colts 13

The Colts coming off their first loss can now focus on the playoffs while the Seahawks still need to lock up home field, as they deal with the tragic death of Coach Tony Dungy’s son. While their starters are in there expect them to play well but don’t expect them to be in there long as for the sake of stay healthy for the playoffs and dealing with the awful news they wont be in there long.


Bears 34 Packers 6

Coming off a dreadful Monday Night performance the Packers face the Bears in a Christmas Day Showdown. Not even the sight of their long hated rivals can spark life in this dead team look for it to be cold in Lambeau as the Bears come in and win big, while Brett Favre spends more time on the bench in the 4th Quarter.


Vikings 20 Ravens 13

The Ravens scored a season’s worth of points last week against the Packers on Monday Night. However it’s back to reality as the Vikings rebound from their loss last week to keep their playoff hoes alive by shutting down the Ravens in the battle of Purple Plum NFL teams on Christmas Night.


Patriots 38 Jets 0

This is how Monday Night Football on ABC Ends, with a major thud. The last 4 games have all been dreadful and now the most dreadful of them all Patriots vs. Paperairplanes the in an empty Meadowlands as sober fans watch and wish they were drunk. It wont be close it won’t be interesting it wont be memorable. If Howard Cossell were still alive he would say turn your sets off, there is nothing to see here.