4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 9-7 .563
Season Total: 130-110 .542



Chargers 24 Broncos 13

The Broncos have nothing to play for with a first round bye all locked up, and the Chargers are just playing for pride and 10 wins as they are eliminated despite a strong record. The Chargers desire will be the deciding factor here as they get their 10th win and send a message to the Broncos for next year.


Giants 24 Raiders 20

The Giants need to win to lock up the division title; after last weeks blow out loss in Washington the Giants margin for error is gone. However, against a Raiders team just going through the motions of an awful season they should be able to win. The Raiders may keep it close on with the home crowd on their side but the Giants will get the win.


Falcons 24 Panthers 20

What looks like an ordinary dome in Atlanta is something far scarier to the Panthers who have not won in the Georgia Dome in 8 years. The House of Horrors, with their season on the line this is a must win for the Panthers while the eliminated Flacons would love nothing more then to bury their division rivals look for the Falcons to season on a high note.


Ravens 34 Browns 13

The good news is Ravens QB Kyle Boller is the hottest QB over the last 2 weeks in the NFL, with his two best games in back to back games in December no less, the bad news his first 3 months were so bad they were in meaningless games. None the less Boller stays hot and had momentum into next season with another solid outing.


Packers 27 Seahawks 24

Mike Holmgren is there the Coach who Brett Favre led to a Super Bowl Championship a decade ago. A packed house at Lambeau will be there to despite the Packers poor 3-12 record, as mark it down Brett Favre plays his final game and gets an upset win. The Seahawks may be heading to the Super Bowl but their starters wont play much with home field all locked up.


Colts 27 Cardinals 13

Their regulars wont see much action but when they do they will ply with a purpose as the Colts want to end the season with a win after 2 straight losses just to get some of the bad taste of the past 10 days out of their mouths, and to get back some for normalcy, Coach Tony Dungy, who will be returning to the sidelines.


Chiefs 34 Bengals 24

The Bengals are not ending the season on a strong note after a stunning home loss to the Bills the Bengals traveling to Kansas City and the tough home field of Arrowhead Stadium, and facing a Chiefs team that can still make the playoffs with a win and some help. Look for a big day from Larry Johnson.


Dolphins 20 Patriots 17

With a game on Wild Card weekend don’t expect to see the Patriots regulars including Tom Brady to see much action. Look for the Dolphins defense to keep it close while Brad is in there and when Doug Flutie takes over look for the Dolphins Defense to help the former Heisman Winner into retirement.


Bills 34 Jets 13

The Nightmare is almost over as the New York Jets who took off in what fans thought was a sleek luxury first class flying machines comes to a landing as a rickety cargo plane with no heat and wooden chairs after circling the air aimlessly for 3 months. The final destination being last place and an awful 3-13 record that has set the franchise back 5 years.


Steelers 34 Lions 3

Another losing season comes to an end in Detroit as the Lions go down to Pittsburgh and play the role of sacrificial lambs for the Steelers who need to win to make the playoffs. Look for a big day from their defense and Ben Roethlisberger as they enter the playoffs playing well.


Buccaneers 27 Saints 3

The Buccaneers can win the NFC South with a win, while the Saints can get in position to take Reggie Bush with a loss. Look for it to be smooth sailing for the Buccaneers as the Saints who mailed the season in months ago finally get to see their season come to a merciful end, not knowing where the future lies.


Jaguars 24 Titans 13

Look for Byron Leftwich to see some action as the Jaguars prepare for the playoffs, and end the season with a win wrapping up a 12-4 season, that if not for the Colts would have been good enough to win the division and had them considered a solid Super Bowl contender.


49ers 27 Texans 17

Who says there are no bowl games being played on January 1st. Sure the traditional New Years Bowl games will be played on Monday, with the NFL ruling the roost on Sunday, but they have created a bowl just for everyone the Stuper Bowl, with the Texans getting Reggie Bush with a loss, too bad the 49ers won last week and blew their won chances at Bush.


Bears 24 Vikings 13

The Bears even though they have the second seed locked up want to continue their recent momentum and going into Minnesota against a Vikings team playing for nothing they will as they shut down the Vikings offense and complete a sweep of the NFC North, as the Mike Tice era in Minnesota comes to an end.


Redskins 23 Eagles 20

Nothing would satisfy the Eagles more then knocking the Redskins out of the playoffs, and they will keep the game close all day. However the Redskins are playing too good and are on to big of role to be stopped now. Look for John Hall to be the hero as he sends the Redskins to the playoffs with a Field Goal in overtime.


Cowboys 24 Rams 20

After last weeks win in Carolina the Cowboys fading playoff hopes were given a sudden jolty of life. By the time they take the field Sunday Night they will no their destiny a win and their in or just a meaningless game. It won’t be meaningless, but the Cowboys will nearly blow it, but in the end will rally in a game symbolic of their season to sneak into the playoffs.