4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 6-8 .429
Season Total: 32-28 .533



Falcons 20 Patriots 10

A week after being thumped by the Chargers the Patriots are in for more trouble as the face the Falcons. Michael Vick should be given the go ahead to play and should be able to have a strong game as the Patriots defense is banged up and vulnerable, while Tom Brady is beat up by the Falcons underrated defense.


Dolphins 13 Bills 9

The Bills have a good young RB, a strong defense and entering the season they were ready to make a move in the AFC East, as they had high hopes for 2nd year QB J.P. Losman. Bad decision Losman has been horrendous and the Bills have lost 3 of their first 4. Look for the struggles to continue, as Losman looks like a lost cause as the Bills lose again.


Browns 13 Bears 7

So far the NFC North has a combined record of 3-11, with 2 of those 3 wins coming in intra-division match ups. The Browns have 1 win only but it was against the NFC North, and on the road. Now at home against the Bears the get to enjoy win number 2, as the Browns defense that nearly shut down Peyton Manning and the Colts shuts down Kyle Orton.


Lions 17 Ravens 9

The Ravens defense is strong and fierce but oh woe their offense it runs best in reverse, quote the Ravens, “Never Score.” Look for the Lions to rebound off their controversial loss in Tampa by winning at home where they won in Week1, as the Lions start to take control of the horrendous NFC North.


Packers 31 Saints 27

At 0-4 the Packers season is now officially on the brink as they have dug a deep hole. No team that started 0-5 has ever made the playoffs. However, in the NFC North they are still alive and well as no team currently has a winning record, this is still a must win and in through Farve style the Packers deliver.


Texans 20 Titans 14

So far the season has resembled a demolition derby for Texans QB David Carr who has been sacked 20 times in 3 games for the 0-3 Texans. However there is a break in the clouds for the Texans as they face the Titans who they beat twice last season. Look for Carr to finally have some time to pass and beats the team formerly known as the Oilers.


Buccaneers 17 Jets 6

Two decades after being declared the savior of the Buccaneers franchise, Vinny Testaverde tries to just save the season for the Jets, but against the Bucs tenacious defense that task is daunting for anyone let alone a QB eligible for Social Security. Look for Tampa to sail to 5-0, while the endzone continues to e uncharted waters for the free falling Jets.


Rams 34 Seahawks 24

The Rams got crushed last week by the Giants and Eli Manning looked like Peyton Manning, this week they get a chance for a nice rebound as they face the underachieving Seahawks. Last season the Rams season went from potential disaster to somewhat successful as the beat the Seahawks 3 times including the playoffs, and that trend continues.


Colts 49 49ers 10

This is almost unfair for Alex Smith making his first start with the 49ers, opposing Peyton Manning and the Colts. This one will be over early ad Manning has a field day against the 49ers invisible secondary, while the Colts defense play strong will tee off on the young rookie making his first start.


Panthers 24 Cardinals 10

The Cardinals looked strong in Mexico last week beating up on the 49ers, down in Mexico the Paso looks strong too, but back in the states you know the deal, the Cardinals lose. Look for the Panthers to have a big day from Jake Delhomme as they start to look like the contenders they were expected to be.


Eagles 27 Cowboys 13

The Eagles earned allot of toughness points were their amazing comeback win in Kansas City. Now they travel to Dallas against the struggling Cowboys secondary, look for another strong game for Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens who will be determined to get revenge for his broken leg by getting in the endzone 2 or 3 times.


Broncos 24 Redskins 6

Famous Washington Quotes 1948 Harry Truman “The Buck Stops Here” 2005 Redskins “The Luck Stops Here.” The Redskins are 3-0 by accident along and going to the Denver it will all come crashing down to reality as the Broncos crush the Redskins.


Jaguars 24 Bengals 13

The Bengals have been impressive at 4-0, while the Jaguars are coming off a disappointing loss. Look for the Bengals to come back down to Earth playing in a Primetime showdown against a tough defense on the road as the Jaguars hand them their first loss in a Sunday Night Cat Fight.


Chargers 31 Steelers 17

The Chargers have exploded for 86 points in their last 2 games slaughtering both the Giants and Patriots, now on Monday Night they get another chance to shine against the Steelers. Look for the Chargers to stay red-hot as LaDanilian Tomlinson has a strong game, as the Chargers had the Steelers their second straight loss.