4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-6 .571
Season Total: 58-44 .569



Panthers 30 Vikings 13

The Vikings made a great comeback at home last week against the Packers, rallying from a 17-0 halftime deficit. This week on the road in Carolina the SS Vikings will become the SOS Vikings again as the Panthers will grab the lead and not let it go as the wayward Vikings resume their season of woe.


Bengals 48 Packers 20

A few years ago the Packers and Bengals was a mismatch as the Packers would have been able to name the score they wanted to win by, now its reversed as the Packers whose last dying gasp came last week when the lost to the Vikings on a 56-yard Field Goal gets mauled by a Bengals team looking to make a statement after losing in Pittsburgh.


Cowboys 24 Cardinals 13

The Cardinals last week took advantage of a banged up Titans team and barley won, while the Cowboys let one slip away in Seattle. Now back in Dallas they make a statement by beating up on their former divisional patsy the Cardinals who even though they are now in another division are still the Cowboys favorite patsy.


Lions 17 Bears 13

Believe it or not the winner of this game will be 4-3, and in first place, though neither team has won a game against a team with a winning record. The NFC North is as bad as can be and yet somebody has to win, somebody has to make the playoffs and the winner of this game will have the upper hand, look for that team to be the Lions who will be at home.


Texans 10 Browns 6

Texans QB David Carr has been sacked so many times this year he is now singing “I get knocked down, but I get up again” in the huddle. This week he gets up and carries the Texans to a win as Browns QB Trent Dilfer decides to do a Britney Spears impersonation singing “Oops I did it again”, after each interception.


Giants 27 Redskins 13

The Giants lost a legend this week as Owner Wellington Mara passed away at the age of 89, Mara had been apart of the Giants since the start when he was 9 and served as a ball boy for his father, who founded the franchise. Last week the Giants won in dramatic fashion this week they win it a little easier in tribute to the legendary Duke who once had the NFL ball named after him.


Jaguars 24 Rams 13

Coming off the bye week the only thing the Jaguars need to worry about is coming up a little flat. However, their defense is too good for that and they should be able to beat up on the mediocre Rams on the road. Look for Jamie Martin to have a rough day as Mike Martz who could not call the press box last week finds the Rams have even revoked his parking pass.


Raiders 24 Titans 10

The Titans are 2-5, and in trouble of plugging further as QB Steve McNair is hurting again, while back up Billy Volek is also questionable. Meanwhile the Raiders are 2-4, but allot better then their record after playing a brutal tough early season schedule, look for the Raiders to go on the road and get the win.


Saints 27 Dolphins 17

Homecoming Weekend: Dolphins Coach Nick Saban returns to Baton Rouge where he won a share of the 2003 National Championship at LSU, as the Saints after playing “home” games in New Jersey and San Antonio, finally gets to play a game in Louisiana, giving their true loyal fans something to cheer about.


Chargers 41 Chiefs 24

After rushing for 7 yards against the Eagles, LaDanalian Tomlinson look to bounce back in a big way against the soft Chiefs defense as the 3-4 Chargers in danger of digging themselves a deep hole. After seeing his TD streak end last week LT will get 2 or 3 as the Chargers dominate the Chiefs at home.


Eagles 24 Broncos 20

When the going gets tough the Broncos start struggling, last two years have seen the Broncos start strong then stagger in the middle of the season, after last week’s tough loss in the Meadowlands the Broncos still facing a hang over a burnt at home by another team from the NFC East as the Eagles soar behind the arm of Donovan McNabb.


Buccaneers 30 49ers 6

The 49ers are just traces of their former glory, week after week they look worse and worse, now even Rookie QB Alex Smith will be a no go as he was roughed up badly in his first two games while looking far from ready. Now comes to Buccaneers strong defense it’s not going to be pretty as Chris Sims has a strong game against the 49ers pathetic defense.


Patriots 24 Bills 20

The Patriots grab firm control of the AFC East by coming off their bye week strong and beating the Bills. Look for a big day from Corey Dillon as the Bills struggles in Foxboro continue. However, it will be close as the Bills get the cover.


Steelers 20 Ravens 0

On Halloween Night we break out the classic horror quotes translated for Baltimore Ravens Offense. Edgar Allen Poe-“Quote the Raven Never More”, Ravens Offense “Quote the Ravens Never Score”. Dracula-“I want to suck your blood”, Ravens offense” We just plainly suck”. The Steelers will get 20 while like Charlie Brown the Ravens will get a rock as the Ravens offense like the Great Pumpkin is a no show.