4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 8-6 .571
Season Total: 66-50 .569



Bengals 27 Ravens 10

The Ravens gave the Steelers all they could handle Monday Night losing by 1 point on the road. However, they won’t be a fortunate this week as the Bengals offense will be able to exploit the banged Ravens defense, as they win going away, with Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson each have a big day.


Titans 20 Browns 10

This week Rookie WR Braylon Edwards came out publicly and said fellow rookie Charlie Frye should take over at Quarterback for the ineffective Trent Dilfer. After this week he may get his wish as the Browns offense continues to spin its wheels losing at home while Browns fans voice their agreement with Edwards by booing Dilfer.


Jaguars 24 Texans 6

Last week the Texans finally got their first win, but now its back to reality as David Carr is roughed up again, by the Jaguars defense that will be angry after losing to the Rams last week. Look for David Carr to have half of Alltel Stadium on his uniform as he spends most of the game on his back.


Chiefs 38 Raiders 20

The Chiefs home field advantage is one of the best in the league, look for them to continue that reputation as they have a field against the Raiders porous defense. Look for a big game from the Chiefs 2 headed monster at RB Johnson and Holmes, as they bury the rival Raiders in the AFC West Basement.


Falcons 17 Dolphins 13

The Falcons coming off the bye week go south for a little fun in the sun in Miami as they face the Dolphins. However, in wont be a day at the beach for Michael Vick and the Falcons as the Dolphins defense will have them on the run all day. In the end it will be the Falcons defense that makes the difference as the Falcons win a close one.


Lions 20 Vikings 13

Murphy’s Law says what can go wrong will go wrong, I’m not sure who Murphy is, but he must be on the Vikings, as everything has gone wrong this year. They traded their top star, had a potential new owner come up short in his financing while their coach was caught scalping tickets and RB was caught with a whizenator, it won’t get any better this week as even the Lions will win big.


Chargers 38 Jets 10

Revenge is dish best served cold, in the case of the Chargers it is sweet but a little hollow as they seek to avenge last year’s stunning upset in the Wild Card Round. Look for this to get ugly early as the crowd at the Meadowlands thins out long before the 4th Quarter as the lifeless Jets lose again.


Panthers 20 Buccaneers 6

If last week is any indication the Buccaneers are in huge trouble as they lost to the woeful 49ers scoring just 10 points against one of the NFL’s worst defenses. Against a good team with a good defense what chance do they have? Look for Chris Simms to show why his career is on the way to failure again as the Panthers win on the road.


Seahawks 30 Cardinals 20

Coming off their bye week the Seahawks will have to be on guard for a let down. However playing the Cardinals they won’t have to worry to hard as if they don’t have their best effort they should be able to beat the sorry Cardinals, who have a 70-year tradition of losing football.


Bears 12 Saints 6

Potential titles for the Bears 2005 team highlight film; “How, to win when not scoring,” or “NFC North Champions Best of the Bad Bunch”. Potential titles for the Saints film; “How to quit without ever trying”, or “Leaving Louisiana”. It won’t be pretty there won’t be a Touchdown, but the Bears win against the woeful Saints.


Giants 30 49ers 10

Last week the Giants played a perfect game in a 36-0 whacking of the Redskins in the Meadowlands. A week earlier the same Redskins pounded the 49ers scoring 52 points on the 49ers defense. It will be hard to see the Giants repeat their effort on the road this week, but it wont be needed either as they win easily.


Steelers 24 Packers 10

Even without Roethlisberger the Steelers should be able to beat the woeful Packers who with a loss will plunge to 1-7. Its been a long year already for Brett Favre who has looked like a shell of his former self last week with 5 interceptions with embarrassing game ending penalty, don’t surprised if his streak of starts ends soon as the Packers are non-factors the rest of the way.


Redskins 24 Eagles 20

The Eagles are in serious QB Donovan McNabb is hurting since the first week of the season, their running game is stuck in neutral, and now Terrell Owens is hurting. Look for things not to get any better as they are shut down by the Redskins in a key divisional match up against a Redskins team that will take advantage of the wounded Eagles


Patriots 27 Colts 24

Some teams just have your number and for the Colts that team is the Patriots. Look for the Colts coming off their bye week to be a little flat as the Patriots with the benefit of the home crowd frustrate Peyton Manning all day. It will be close through out and will likely come down to another Adam Vinateiri Field Goal.