4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 3-1 .750
Grand Total: 140-120 .538
Regular Season Total: 137-119 .535

Division Playoffs

3-1 .750


Broncos 27 Patriots 17

The Patriots are the luckiest team on the face of the earth, never has a team with so little talent done so much. If not for their Coach Bill Belichick this team as constituted would not even make the playoffs, yet they have won 3 Super Bowls, spurred on by the cheapest of calls the now infamous tuck play. Well my friends the LUCK STOPS HERE!!!! Fortunate bounces don’t hop the same way in the high altitude of Denver as the Broncos have won all 8 home games including a game against the same Patriots. Some Patriots sycophants like to point out how hot the Patriots are and how they are on a roll, but who have they beaten in the second half? When the Pats struggled early they played good teams like the Broncos and lost and on the Saturday Night they lose again.


Colts 45 Steelers 17

After their 13-0 start the Colts trotted home losing 2 and narrowly beating the Cardinals in the final game of the season, as they dealt with the emotional heartache caused by the sudden passing of Coach Tony Dungy’s son. Now the playoffs are hear and like a thoroughbred in starting blocks they are chomping at the bit ready to burst out with a full head of steam. Standing in their way are the Pittsburgh Steelers, who in their first meeting could not stop the Colts in a Monday Night Blowout. They won’t be able to stop the Colts this time either as the Colts will led by Peyton Manning will light up the scoreboard and put the game away early as they get the game they have waited the better part of 3 years for the AFC Championship game in their own home sweet dome.


Seahawks 27 Redskins 13

When they met all the way back in Week 4 the Seahawks had yet to hit their stride, while the Redskins were storming out to a 3-0 start, with a 20-17 overtime win in Washington. Since the Redskins have had their up and downs while the Seahawks have been red hot, only losing a meaningless game at the end of the season while posting a franchise best 13-3 record, as Shaun Alexander won the rushing title, set a record for Touchdowns and won the NFL MVP. The Redskins should consider themselves fortunate to have beat the Buccaneers last week with just 120 yards total offense, similar struggles will lead to a blow out this week. Look for the Seahawks to ride the energy of the home field as they fly past the Redskins into the NFC Championship Game.


Panthers 13 Bears 3

When they met first time the Bears defense completely shut down the Panthers, holding them to just 3 points as they won a statement game in November proving they were for real. This time they won’t be as fortunate as the Panthers are beginning to look like the team that made them a Super Bowl favorite at the start of the season. In the Wild Card games last week all 4 Quarterbacks making their first career start lost. For the Bears Sunday Rex Grossman will too be making his first playoff start. The Panthers chewed up Eli Manning and shutout the Giants, who didn’t get past the Panthers 39 last week. The Bears defense will be tough, and could shut down the Panthers again, but their offense will let them down as the Panthers shut down the Bears and score the deciding Touchdown on defense.