2012 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 6-10 .375
Season No Spread: 29-19 .604
Previous Week Spread: 4-12 .250
Season No Spread: 25-23 .521



Ravens 17 Browns 6

The Ravens have the tough task of playing just four days after tough physical, emotionally draining win on Sunday Night against the Patriots. They could be vulnerable to have a bad game, especially on offense, as the Browns defense has shined in spurts. However, the Browns offense is awful QB Brandon Weeden needs work and a short week against a strong defense will not help. The Ravens will get the win and a much needed break for everyone, though they may have to sweat it out for a while.


Falcons 27 Panthers 17

The Atlanta Falcons are off to a flying start with wins in their first three games. They have played well on both sides of the ball and have been strong in just about every position. The Panthers, meanwhile have stumbled as Cam Newton is coming off perhaps the worst game of his career against the Giants. The Panthers should be able to put forth a better effort this week, but going into the Georgia Dome is always tough. I see the Falcons remaining unbeaten as the Panthers defense can’t stop Matt Ryan.


Patriots 37 Bills 13

The Patriots are 1-2 and for the first time in a decade they are below .500, with a loss on Sunday they may begin to send Paul Revere out with an alert. However, forget one if by land and two if by sea, it will be three if by air that will be the big difference in this game, as Tom Brady enjoys his usual picnic against the Bills and gets his team back on track as the Bills, who may be down to the third Running Back will not be able to keep up.


Lions 37 Vikings 20

The Lions are another 1-2 team that has fans sweating in fear, especially after their defense got sheared for 44 points in overtime to the Titans. To be fair, 14 points came against the Special teams and another was on a fumble return. Their offense did score 41 and had a chance to win after a miracle comeback to force OT. Coming home I sense the Lions getting a big break out game, especially playing a Vikings team who can’t possibly match their effort from last week.


Texans 34 Titans 10

No team has looked more complete this season than the Houston Texans. They have been strong on offense and defense and have been versatile in doing so, with no signs of a weakness anywhere. The Titans defense meanwhile has left little to be desired, as star RB Chris Johnson has had trouble getting his season on track. The Texans will continue to roll in this game, as fans in Houston can look out proudly and say it’s not us that have a problem it’s you.


Chiefs 24 Chargers 16

With a 91 yard run by Jamal Charles the Chiefs who were flat lining began to show a pulse for the first time in the 2012 season. The pulse turned into a rhythm as they came back to be the Saints on the road in overtime. Now they come home and they can grab some momentum as they beat the Chargers in their first division game of the season. The Chargers meanwhile, who were 2-0 before last week, continue their trend of frustrating and confounding their fans with poor efforts.


49ers 37 Jets 6

The Jets have to consider themselves lucky they beat the Dolphins last week in Miami; they played awful and won just because the Dolphins played worse. Now begins life without Darrelle Revis as they face a 49ers team coming off a terrible game. I expect the Niners to bounce back with a big effort as they ground the Jets offense, and pound on their defense. This one could get ugly as Jets fans begin to turn on their team.


Rams 20 Seahawks 17

Despite losing two of their first three games, the Rams have been quite competitive as they had a chance to win two road games in the NFC North. Now they face a hot Seahawks team coming off a Monday Night “Win”. With all the controversy surrounding the Seahawks “Win” they are due to come down to earth a bit. I like the Rams in this game, especially if they get some pressure on Russell Wilson from James Laurinaitis and Chris Long.


Cardinals 23 Dolphins 3

The Cardinals are 3-0, maybe the Mayans were right. How have the red birds done it so far? Defense. The Dolphins come in with a scuffling offense that may be without their best player Reggie Bush. Their rookie Quarterback Ryan Tannehill meanwhile is throwing to a receiving core that resembles Venice DeMilo. The Cardinals should continue to role, as the Dolphins will be lucky just to get a Field Goal.


Broncos 30 Raiders 17

The Broncos may be 1-2, but both of their losses have come against two of the three teams left in the NFL unbeaten. They did not play poorly in either game and still had chances to win at the end. This week they get to cruise to a win for a change as they take on the Raiders, who somehow managed to beat the Steelers last week. I see a big day coming from Peyton Manning who has shown signs of getting ready for a breakout performance.


Bengals 24 Jaguars 10

It’s a cat fight in Jacksonville, as the Jaguars come home looking for a second straight win. However, they will have to look elsewhere, as the Bengals have sparked off to a good start beating the Redskins last week like a drum in Washington. I expected another solid performance from Andy Dalton and A.J. Green who are developing into stars that can make the Bengals perennial winners, as they have been given a boost with the addition of BenJarvis Green-Ellis.


Packers 59 Saints 18

One word of advice for the Saints this week, Pray. Pray that the Packers somehow feel mercy in their hearts. Pray that the replacement refs stick around one more week and trip up the Packers, Pray that the Packers somehow cool down and are not totally ready to kick ass and take names after they got robbed on Monday Night. I expect the Packers offense to have a field day on the rudderless Saints whose defense resembles Swiss cheese.


Redskins 24 Buccaneers 20

After starting their season with a win, the Redskins have had some issues with defense, especially with the loss of two key players. Meanwhile, QB Robert Griffin III has shined, but still has showed plenty of rough edges. The Bucs meanwhile play to the whistle, but have been up and down. I expect to see RGIII have a strong game in Tampa, as the Bucs defense won’t be able to stop his two way game, while Josh Freeman may soon have a date with the bench.


Giants 24 Eagles 20

After winning their first two games, the Eagles turnovers caught up to them last week as they were hammered by the Cardinals. Now they come home and face the Giants on Sunday Night Football. If they continue to spit the ball up like a pez dispenser it is going to be a long night in Philadelphia, the Giants defense is opportunistic and will be capitalize on any mistake.


Bears 20 Cowboys 17

Here is another game that can go either way both teams have quarterbacks that one week look elite and the next week look ready for the hook. The Bears defense could be problematic for Tony Romo, who sometime gets the yips when under pressure. The game will basically come down to the running game and which one can get enough pressure of their quarterback. I get the feeling that team will be the Bears who win by a late Robbie Gould Field Goal.