Conference Finals

Devils in 6

Quiet simply the Devils have been here before. While the Senators match up well defensively with the Devils. They don’t have the ability to hold a lead and choke a game out like the Devils. This series could feature allot of 2-1 games, which are the Devils forte. Look for Martin Brodeur to deliver another shutout and Scott Steven to deliver another knockout as the Devils win what might just be the real Stanley Cup Finals in 6 games.

Mighty Ducks in 6

In a battle of Cinderella teams expect the team owned by Disney to wear the glass slipper. Simply put after beaten the Red Wings and Stars the Wild should be a cakewalk for the Mighty Ducks. However, with the never give up attitude of the Wild it wont be easy. Look for a few games to go to overtime as Du8cks Goalie Jean-Sebastian Giguere gets the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim into the Stanley Cup Finals.

Predictions Made 5/9/03 at 1:20 pm EST