Popular NBA Betting Markets to get you the best returns

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NBA season is set to restart soon and punters are looking forward to betting on match outcomes, team props, and player props. The only difference this time is that new betting markets have been announced going into the new season. From placing a bet on the possibility of the new season completing successfully to exploring as many options as you would wish to have on the NBA odds board, these US betting codes will leverage your initial wager at kickoff.

Moreover, punters can place a wager on when the season will start. Something even more interesting as every NBA enthusiast waits for kickoff is a confirmation that teams will play on neutral grounds. With it, a new betting market has emerged. You can either bet YES or NO by taking advantage of the latest NBA betting codes.

Currently, restart drops are falling, an indication that oddsmakers are expecting the new NBA season to reach a conclusive end.  Most importantly, choosing a sportsbook in American that will feature NBA restart matches could make all the difference for both a punter.

Get Good Returns on Your Wager with Popular NBA Betting Markets

Betting comes with certain challenges, especially if you cannot pick a value bet from available markets. From the lowest-scoring team in any game, teams to win the first game, match-winning run after the restart to points bet, there are lots of options from which to choose a winning NBA bet. However, not every market will give you the best returns on your stake.  Thus, to help you make the right selection, the following NBA markets are worth trying:

NBA Money Line Bet

The money line bet is another popular betting option if you are looking to place a wager on NBA matches after the restart. It is especially necessary if points spread do not look attractive. Usually, odds for this market range from +100 to -/+1000. However, it could be more or less depending on a team. A notable aspect with money line bet is that home teams always have the advantage hence listed as the favorites on money line options.

Taking advantage of points spread bets

The point spread bets are arguably the most popular betting markets in the NBA. They are comparable to NFL spreads. However, in the NBA, point spreads start from evens to 17 points for every game. Most importantly, point spreads are determined based on a team’s strengths and stats. Thus, do you do get surprised if a team like Orlando Magic is stronger on the road at points spread of -5 with a money line of -200 against a home team such as Brooklyn Nets who may have a point spread of +5 with a money line of +170?

NBA totals

Totals equally make it easy to place a wager on NBA games. Odds for totals usually range from 200 to 240 and denote whether the game will end in less or more points.

Game Props and NBA features

NBA game props are features bet will also give a punter good returns on a wager. However, with this betting option comes a necessity to understand a game well, including player stats. A good option for player props is the MVP bet. You can also place a bet on who will emerge the NBA rookie of the year, who will get sixth man award and others.