Qualities of Athletes That Transfer To Playing Online Casinos

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Competitive athletes originate from all walks of life, some hail from prestigious institutions, built up by years of gruelling training, others are prodigies from humble beginnings. One thing they all have in common is love for the game, and the drive to succeed. Regardless of where they come from, no untrained athlete will have an eye for the game the way a trained athlete might— achieved through careful observation, analysis, and recognition of winning and losing patterns and behaviours.

These qualities’ benefits are not limited to the world of sports alone; indeed, a perhaps surprising application of these skills is to gambling, where proficient players have spent years honing their craft, paying close attention to the games at which they excel. Though the connection may not be apparent at first, it’s easy to see how a successful athlete could easily transfer their skills to the casino and find themselves to be quite adept.

Natural Born Risk takers

Athletes are, famously, no strangers to taking risks. Competitive sports often require athletes to push their physical, as well as mental limits for a payoff that may or may not arrive. The risk involves harsh training based on analysis of techniques used to win in a tournament, or taking advantage of the losing patterns exhibited by other players. Similarly, professional gamblers often spend years studying, for instance, poker, memorising card patterns and calculating probabilities, to ensure greater payoff.

For competitive athletes, studying the odds of a game is second nature. They have enough experience with predicting the outcome of a game, and more than enough experience with hard work and patience, that they possess the predisposition required to put in the hours to minimise risk by learning the strategies necessary to avoid heavy losses.

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Athlete Mentality

A big part of gambling is a positive outlook and a winning mindset. It’s hard to see avenues of victory when defeat is the only thing on your mind. Fortunately, successful athletes often get to where they are by having an optimistic attitude. Rather than leading to discouragement, a loss serves as an learning opportunity. Not all skills can be taught through study and practice, real world experience with losing is necessary to build the character required for success at any game — be it on the field or at the casino.

Being healthy

For accomplished athletes and professional gamblers alike, dealing with the stress of the game and all its challenges is no mean feat. The mere act of keeping up with everything requires a certain level of mental fortitude. Fortunately, in the 21st century, the link between physical and mental health is not a novel phenomenon. To keep up with the strenuous requirements of competitive sports and come out on the other side, whether victorious or not, in good mental and physical shape, is something that athletes simply have to do. Due to heavy training and exercise, athletes are often in prime physical condition, and this improves their decision making and concentration abilities. Decision making is perhaps one of the most stressful, yet important parts of gambling — knowing when to call the odds is a daunting task, one that athletes seem to be in great condition for.


However, anyone who is successful in any field will tell you that nothing comes without hard work and discipline. Whether it be the experience necessary to navigate unprecedented scenarios, or the knowledge required to make calculated risks, it is impossible to garner significant success without putting in the blood, sweat, and tears consistently. Professional gamblers and sports athletes alike spend their time religiously replaying their games, devising strategies, learning new skills, and continuously improving and perfecting existing ones. Although the two worlds may seem like apples and oranges, a closer examination of the qualities inherent in professional players reveals surprising similarities that may well provide outstanding athletes a considerable edge in the casino.