SportingPedia’s American Football Betting Guide for Beginners

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If you have always been a fan of American football and you wish to start betting on your favorite players and teams, you should first learn a few things. You may think that if you are a fan of the sport, making American football bets will be a piece of cake. While simply placing money on your favorites might be easy, enjoying a successful betting experience is a whole other story.

If you have decided to step up your game and learn how to bet on American football, you should take a look at the tips has provided for you. The website offers daily betting tips, reviews some of the best online sportsbooks and helps different types of punters with their sports betting. The following tricks will help you to start strong and continue enjoying successful online betting in the future.


Forget Your Personal Biases

The first step regular football fans should take towards becoming a successful bettor is to disregard the notion of favorites. Everyone has their reasons to have a favorite team or player. However, often having favorites clouds one’s judgment and leads to unreasonable bets.

When you are analyzing an upcoming football event, you should take into consideration the real potential of one of the teams winning and ignore your personal preferences. This is the only way to make sure that you are making the most logical decision and you are not simply putting your money on your favorite team.

When betting on American football, you will strongly benefit from analyzing the teams and their best players. It is also important to check for any recent injuries and the current condition of players. This will allow you to bet your money on players who are promising the best results in the upcoming game.



Take Note of the Location of the Game

While it is easy to determine which team is the away one and which team is the home representative, the location of the game should not be ignored. There are certain teams that almost always show tremendous results when they play at home. This is why SportingPedia’s advice for you is to pay more attention to the home team and the visitor team.


Since there is a really passionate fanbase in certain cities this can be quite discouraging for the away team. When you are weighing up the winning chances of both teams, do take into consideration which is the home-based one and whether they are known to show excellent results when they are on their usual playground.

The same goes for the visitor team, take note of the previous results the team has shown when they have been playing away. There are some teams which show mediocre results after they have been traveling, especially if there are several consecutive games in different cities. This can quickly turn a clear favorite to an obvious bad betting choice. You should also take into consideration that most West coast teams do not suffer that much when traveling for a game on the East coast. However, the other way around is really tiring for East coast teams which have a hard time switching between time zones.


Be Selective with Reports

As a fan of American football, you have probably noticed that this is a sport that requires strong teamwork. This being said, a successful betting requires you to pay close attention to individual players. While numerous websites cover various sporting news, sometimes it can be hard to find reports that will actually help you with your betting.

The next advice SportingPedia experts have for you is to sift through the reports you read and pay attention to those that cover recent injuries. This will be very important, especially if some of the best players in the team have suffered serious injuries. This might prevent them from playing which can lead to a very bad outcome for the team.

You can often head to Twitter for the reports that beat-writers are sharing. Since they specialize in sports betting, they will have the most accurate reports. You can also take a look at the daily NFL betting tips of SportingPedia. In addition to detailed statistics, those will provide you with useful information which often includes injury reports.


Compare Odds and Shop for Lines

One of the biggest perks that come with online betting is the opportunity to compare the odds of different virtual sportsbooks. This will allow you to place your money on the best odds and increase your chances of a fruitful result.

You should also keep an eye on the betting lines throughout the week that precedes the game. You will often notice that as the week progresses, the oddsmakers tend to offer worse odds compared to the beginning of the week.

Since many punters tend to bet on popular teams, their wagers often lead to unfavorable odds for the favorites. If you decide to bet on the underdog, you might benefit from waiting until the end of the week when the odds will be worse for the favorite team and a lot better for the underdog. You can often benefit from combining several betting selection into one single bet, known as accumulator. If you want to learn more about this type of bet, you can take a look at the SportingPedia’s articles that have NFL accumulators explained.