Sports Betting Bonuses That Can Make a Difference

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Taking Advantage of Sports Betting Bonuses

Sports betting is an enjoyable challenge and benefiting from promotions can increase your chances of finishing ahead by quite a long way. We’ve reviewed some of the best promos available for your consideration.

Free Bets

Sports are popular across cultures around the world, which means there’s huge betting interest too. One of the most common bonuses available in the sports betting world is the free bet. These can come as part of a welcome promo package, with X amount in free bets unlocked after Y amount is wagered, or as recurring bonuses for players. Obviously, you cannot lose with a free bet as zero stake is at risk, so if you spot a value outsider these can be ideal. But there are some more cunning ways to turn this no-lose proposition into a guaranteed win.

Signing up at multiple online sportsbooks and benefiting from numerous such promotions concurrently means you can set up opposed bets (betting on both sides of the same binary market). That way, one side is certain to win and you will definitely finish ahead.

A similar thing can occur pairing a free bet at a sportsbook with a contrary bet (laying the same outcome) on a betting exchange. Because only the betting exchange side has a stake involved it should be straightforward to get the numbers to line up for a certain profit. Be aware that you cannot do both sides of the bet at a single sportsbook as this will invalidate the bonus (because it turns out bookies do not like being guaranteed to lose out).

Online Casino Bonuses

Sports betting bonuses are great for giving players an edge when it comes to finishing in the black, and they aren’t the only special offers out there in the world of betting. Online casinos also offer a plethora of promos to attract new players and retain existing ones, and the competitive nature of the industry has been a boon for bettors as each online betting site vies to offer the best casino bonus. There are plenty of bonus options available both for those signing up for a new account, and on a recurring basis (to help encourage players to stick around). Free spins are a popular no deposit promo, often paired with match deposit deals that substantially increase a player’s bankroll, and there are plenty of great promotions to browse within our link.

Accumulator Promos

Accumulators are multi-stage bets that are also known as multiple or parlay bets. Instead of betting on a single outcome (the result of a football match, for example), several different outcomes are predicted in a single bet. The downside is that if any single leg fails the bet is red. The upside is that the odds available are very long indeed, so if you win then you should win big.

There are often associated promos with accumulators, varying (if present) by sportsbook. One of the most popular approaches is to offer the player a small bonus if a single leg fails to come off (normally this will require around five legs at least to be eligible). This could simply be cashback so that you do not end up losing anything if you get four out of five contingencies correct. Other sportsbooks might offer a free bet bonus if you end up losing out due to a single leg failing. Depending on stake (and perhaps odds) limits, this can be an opportunity to back short odds and either end up ahead that way, or benefit from a free bet.

Early Payouts

Sporting comebacks are the stuff of legend, and can be cause for ecstasy or despair depending on whether your team is the one winning or squandering a big lead. But when you’ve backed a team and they turn a winning start into dismal defeat it can be more than a little galling. Sometimes, though, you can still end up ahead with no need for live betting.

Sportsbooks sometimes pay out early if a team (or individual if you’re betting on something like tennis) goes ahead by a sizeable margin. This might be two goals in soccer, for example. This obviously means that betting this way comes with a substantial safety net as your bet could technically fail but still end up delivering profits and would prove very helpful in matches such as when Crystal Palace took a surprise 2-0 lead against Manchester City only to end up losing 4-2.

Boosted Odds

One of the simplest but also most welcome of sports betting bonuses is an odds boost. These effectively just lengthen the odds a bit so the potential payouts are better. Be aware that this will have a greater impact on longer odds (130/1 might become 140/1, for example) so if you have a limited number of boosts and are considering backing some short and some long odds bets then you will be better off using the boosts on the long shots. It would have been ideal to use when backing the outsider Emma Raducanu to claim her shock US Open triumph. In addition, you will probably not be able to pair these up with other promos (such as a free bet).

Boosted odds tend to be offered on a recurring basis to players who bet fairly regularly.

Free Prediction Competitions

Many sporting leagues, from domestic soccer competitions in Europe to the major leagues of North America, have a huge number of fixtures to bet on. This also makes them perfect for free-to-enter prediction competitions. The specifics will be different for each sportsbook but the general picture is the same: predict how some games will go and win prizes if you get them right. Competitions that have higher numbers of games might offer a bigger top prize (as the odds of getting them all right will be longer), and some offer small prizes if you get a certain number of predictions correct but don’t get them all right.

After odds boosts, this is probably the easiest and simplest sports betting bonus to take advantage of, with the added perk of no chance of losing out because there’s no stake involved. The top prizes here can be into the thousands, with lots of games to predict, or a hundred or so if there are only a handful of matches. Predictions may take the form of just win/draw/loss but will often be for specific score lines.

There are plenty of great sports betting bonuses out there, which can add a significant edge to your chance of ending up in the black.