Sports Fashion: 9 Tips For Men To Buy Activewear

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Sports fashion has become a rapidly-growing business industry today with a large-scale following. There are several sports-related fashion trends in the market that often confuse people (mostly males) about what to wear next. How to purchase the perfect activewear for your pastimes? We have seen some experts distinguishing between sportswear and activewear, but we’ll utilize these terms here interchangeably. Today, we have different categories of sports-specific garments, including leotards (for gymnasts), swimsuits (for swimmers), tracksuits (for athletes), and other variations. No matter what sort of sports-related garments you’re planning to purchase, our below-mentioned tactics can be helpful.

How can men buy the right sportswear?

We mentioned some recent trends that have drastically influenced the sports fashion industry. You can observe that sports-specific garments have become casual attire in today’s society, with “athleisure” as a common fashion in western cultures. While these trends have benefited female athletes heavily, men stay as confused as before about buying the right clothes. The crossover between exercise and fashion is puzzling for some. Therefore, we’re suggesting some methods to help you buy activewear properly. You must differentiate between fashion-oriented sportswear and sweat-wicking activewear. Buying the wrong clothes can make it difficult to exercise. Now, use the following tactics when making a decision:

1. Choose function first

Choose activewear that doesn’t just flatter your body by showing off muscles but is also functional. So, make function your topmost priority. Don’t choose clothes that restrict movement just because they make your body look toned. We suggest you buy bicycle shorts for men that are functional as well as fit well to show off leg muscle. Don’t forget to try these shorts on before buying them. Do some lunges to ensure they bolster your mobility. Stay away from impulse purchases that aren’t functional.

2. Learn your size

Your workout routine requires you to purchase sports-specific garments about your size. Figure out what size you are before buying anything online. Get your measurements accurately before delving into anything. Always refer to size charts before purchasing something from these brands. One must remember that these clothes are for leaping, twisting, and stretching. Thus, they shouldn’t lack the properties of bending with your bodily movements. That’s why we suggest you learn your size.

3. Buy sports-specific clothes

We’ve mentioned how the crossover of exercise and fashion has produced “athleisure” that merges fitness with elegance. However, different cheap brands have leveraged this opportunity to introduce cheap casuals in the market that aren’t sports-friendly. Hence, focus on brands selling sports-specific garments. These wardrobes can help men engage in exercises without feeling scratchy. Don’t select clothes just to look stylish; choose sports-related dresses that radically bolster your performance.

4. Consider the fabric

You need activewear that absorbs moisture thanks to its wicking abilities and makes you feel comfy while exercising. Also, these garments should remain dry, warm, and stretchable. You shouldn’t buy these clothes without checking the fabric. We suggest athletes purchase blended garments; cotton (80%) blended with spandex or polyester. There are several sustainable options available as well. So, make your choice based on the fabric. Prefer comfort and function over elegance and classiness.

5. Check online reviews

Don’t buy anything online without reading some online reviews. In 2018, 8.4% of Americans bought activewear through e-shopping websites every month. How did these people ensure they’re only getting stuff from reliable platforms? They lapped up online reviews! Don’t neglect to read what people on the internet have to say about a certain website. Stay away from paid/fake reviews and follow the places where genuine testimonials are found. Check their social media pages before buying things.

6. Learn about manufacturers

Are your brands producing garments ethically? Don’t forget to look into the process behind sports-specific clothes being manufactured. Consumers have become more conscious about the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment. They require transparent production procedures and prefer conducting business with eco-friendly brands. These garments must be cost-effective as well as created without harming our climate. That’s how you can stay fashionable and eco-conscious.

7. Consider extra layers

Do extra layers help you lose some calories? We don’t think so. Do they make you more comfortable, though? It’s probably the reason why men must prefer activewear with added layers. They keep you warm when it’s cold outside. Comfortable temperatures make workout sessions more productive as well as more enjoyable. We suggest you review different sports-specific garments available digitally. Buy ones with extra layers. Also, you should consider purchasing some all-weather garments now.

8. Get all-weather garments

We suggest you purchase all-weather garments fabricated to serve as exercise companions in all seasons. Many brands have introduced sportswear appropriate for every weather. You should ensure your activewear wardrobe can sustain rainfalls and snowstorms in the United States. It’s better if men prefer garments with water-resistant layers. These clothes help you exercise without worrying about the country’s ever-changing weather conditions. So, get all-weather clothes now.

9. Follow care guidelines

It’s not enough to merely purchase activewear, but you should also properly cater to these clothes’ well-being. That’s how your sports-specific garments remain wearable for a long time. Keep your stuff away from boiling water and harmful chemicals. Since these elements can harm the breathability of your clothes while diminishing their wicking abilities. Extend these clothes’ lifespan by washing them separately. Refrain from excessively stretching these garments, or you may ruin clothes for good.


The sports fashion industry remains dominated by women today. But studies reveal the activewear audience’s 40% men alongside 60% women! So, how can you buy the right garments for exercising? We’ve explained some methods to help men become more fashion-savvy in 2022. Read online reviews if you’re buying something digitally. Figure out what size you are, and always choose function first. People shouldn’t forget to try these garments instead of purchasing them outright. Consider extra layers for added comfort and consider the fabric of these clothes. Are they all-weather garments? Be careful when it comes to buying casuals. In short, buy sports-specific wardrobes that help you exercise comfortably.