Table tennis: Top 10 Amazing Tips and Tricks

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Table tennis is an indoor recreation sport with massive popularity in India – especially among young people. Though the sport doesn’t enjoy a massive following like cricket and football, it has managed to secure a good spot amongst the country’s most loved sports. Today, table tennis is widely played in various academic institutions across India. Also, there are different contests held for table tennis at both state and federal levels and some notable international top-level players of the sport in the country.

Table tennis was introduced in India in the early 20th century by British soldiers during colonial rule. It started as a relaxation game played by the soldiers. The English were in control of the game until 1937 when the Table Tennis Federation of India (TTFI) was set up, and table tennis became a well-established sport in India. The TTFI made a great impact in boosting the quality of table tennis in India – putting great efforts into raising many Indian talents for the sport.

Also known as ping-pong, table tennis is usually played between two or four players with a table equally divided into two by a net as the area of play. The style of play of the game is similar to lawn tennis. The players stand at the edge of each side of the table and hit a ball to and fro between themselves using small rackets. The rule of the game states that the player must allow the ball from the opponent to bounce on his side first before hitting it back. A player scores a point when his opponent fails to hit the ball back or hits it off the table. 

In this article, we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you get better at table tennis.

1. Use a quality racket

If you have just started playing table tennis, one of the critical factors for a successful game is using a decent racket and avoiding playing with cheap ones. Also, it is essential to constantly practice and play with the same racket to master its control and get accustomed to how it can be used effectively.

2. Grip the paddle correctly

A proper grip on your racket is vital to winning a table tennis match. Though there are various styles for gripping the table tennis paddle, the ‘shakehand’ grip is most popular. This method is also the best for starters in the game. It is essential to master a convenient grip style as early as possible to avoid problems later in the sport.

3. Master your footwork

Although it demands a lot of practice, mastering the usage of your feet goes a long way in facing experienced players in table tennis. This ability will help you respond accurately to shots and move quickly with the game’s tempo. 

4. Get the right footwear

A critical factor in developing effective footwork in table tennis is getting the proper footwear. You must ensure your shoe aids swift and convenient movement across the floor as a player.

5. Master the art of serving

The table tennis serve is held in high regard as the essential shot in the game. The serve is vital because it is the only shot over which you have total domination. Thus, most players believe that you can’t be successful in a table tennis match without the ability to serve skillfully and legally. 

First, you have to take enough time mastering each serving method one after the other (don’t be overburdened by trying to learn diverse styles at a time). To deliver a serve, you must throw the ball at least 16 cm into the air from a widely opened palm. Also, your opponent must have a good view of the ball during the serve.

6. Play using a variety of tactics

You must learn to mix up different styles of play to become a better table tennis player. Applying a variety of tactics in matches makes it difficult for the opponent to predict your moves – giving you a higher edge at winning. You can achieve this by adding various lengths and levels of spins to your serves. Also, don’t hesitate to try out different styles of shots that the opponent can’t figure out quickly.

7. Practice more to improve your skills

Practice helps you gain more knowledge about table tennis, improve your skills and focus on the areas where you need to be better. You should spend quality time practicing more than competing against an opponent as practicing helps learn new things and expand your scope of the sport. 

8. Ensure you are fit before playing

Tennis is a sport that requires a lot of physical fitness. Therefore, getting in the right shape before a match is vital to winning. Engaging in warming up activities such as skipping before playing helps enhance footwork, make swift movements, and minimize errors in the course of play.

9. Don’t play under pressure

Playing with frustration during a table tennis match is dangerous and will make you lose more points than expected. It is essential for table tennis players to keep their minds cool, remain focused, and switch between play tactics when they are losing.

10. Be part of a table tennis group

Joining a table tennis club helps in developing and honing your skills more. It gives you an opportunity to practice with and play against various players, thus mastering more tactics and abilities. Joining a group will also make your training easy and less stressful since you’re surrounded by people who are learning like you.

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Table tennis is an exciting sport that can be quickly learned and practiced. Though all the tips discussed above are effective in playing table tennis successfully, it is up to you to choose a suitable strategy that best works for you. Visit Parimatch today for a fantastic experience in table tennis betting.