Best training drills you can do with a golf chipping net

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Best training drills you can do with a golf chipping net

Well before we can begin this article, we must talk about what a chipping net is and then we can go and talk out the many benefits of training with a chipping net. A chipping net is a small net-like a basketball net but is enclosed and sealed with a finer mesh, attached to a small fitting which is angle-able and able to hang from various placed. The main function of a chipping net is to catch the golf balls which you swing into it during your training sessions on the golf course or elsewhere for those that can make it daily to the golf course, and hence offers endless versatility to your training regime. But what are the drills that you could do with a chipping net? Well… they are bellow. (please note that these must be done outside away from other people for health and safety reasons).
Short game aim.
Placing the net in close vicinity, on the ground, try your best to aim your ball into the net. Repeat this multiple times increasing the distance, angle and the difficulty of where the net is located and try to aim the ball in again.   Try also adding in obstacles such as walls, sandpits, consenting people e.t.c.- anything really, to increase the difficulty and train for different situations which you may find in a game.

·         Trajectory and strength.
As the chipping net is attachable to almost anywhere or at least able to be propped up anywhere where it has a stable base or platform you should try attaching the chipping net to objects such as trees in a field or on a pole in an empty area. Try from various distances to aim the ball into the net. The purpose of this drill is to give you a better knowledge of how much power is needed for a set distance and the set trajectory of the ball hence learning the natural curve of the flight path of your balls.

·         Casual off course game.
Try incorporating both previously mentioned training drills into one drill and play a small game at home if you wanted to perfect your golfing skills.  Also try varying the distances and levels, gradually increasing the difficulty to really perfect your skills and train for off-hand difficult situations. Starting a casual game can be easily done with multiple nets by placing them in various places almost like different pots on a golf course. I can also be done with just one chipping net, albeit slightly more difficult to as you would need predetermined spots and move the nets as you go along, but it’s still doable.

These are some of the basic training drills which will greatly improve your aim and confidence with the game and can possibly drastically improve your next games score all from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in improving your next score and investing in a chipping net, please click this link for one that is of high quality.