Horse racing betting in 2019 and how to improve your game

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Horse racing betting in 2019 and how to improve your game

Horse racing is a massive industry, particularly when it comes to betting, but it can also be time-consuming if you’re trying to make a profit. From the knowledge you need to have to pick out the right horse from ITV 7 racing picks to understanding the different race and betting types, it can be a lot of work. The following tips will help you improve your betting game and improve your chances of success.

Manage Your Bankroll

First rule of betting is not to go broke, so know where you stand in terms of your budget and bet accordingly.

Look at Jockeys and Trainers

Jockeys and trainers are often overlooked when it comes to picking a winning horse, but particular trainers are familiar with their stables and a great source of information, as can jockeys. They may even offer a public opinion on their horse’s chances of winning and may have ridden that horse before, so they’ll have experience to back up their opinion. What’s more, jockeys often travel a long way in order to race multiple times in one day so if they’ve travelled extensively, the horse must be worth consideration.

Analyse Previous Form

Form refers to the previous races a horse has raced in, including barrier trials which are typically used as a warm-up and can be a big factor when deciding on which horse to choose in smaller races. Some of the questions to think about when looking at a horse include: has the horse come from a good stable? Does it have lineage to a previously successful horse? And are there races when where the horse finished well against extremely good opposition? Each horse will have its own skillset when it comes to specific race types and grounds, which will impact how they are likely to perform on race day and should definitely be taken into consideration when your choices.

Consider Conditions and Track Formation

Weather plays a big role in horse racing, more so than almost any other sport. Some horses perform better on wetter surfaces while others prefer a harder, tougher track where they can build up speed. If the weather turns, stick to horses who you know have had success on similar ground in past races. Heavier horses also usually find it tougher on wetter ground, so bear this in mind when you’re choosing a winner. While you can get better odds betting antepost or opting to place your bets in advance, if you’re just starting out it’s not worth taking the risk.

Remember that some tracks are all-weather, so the ground conditions stay consistent regardless of the weather, so this can make choosing your bets easier. Consider what the track formation is like and whether there are any sharp inclines or bends that might make it more complex for the horses, so think about how each horse will be affected. Finally, think about whether you’re betting on a flat race or jump races, and learn the intricacies of each of these races so that you can make an informed choice.