Performance boosting tips for sports players

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Performance boosting tips for sports players

Behind every stellar athlete is a regimented workout plan. A plan comprised of both in-the-gym goals and out-of-the-gym responsibilities. Though a seemingly obvious statement, many athletes tend to think it only applies to professionals, when it can apply to the whole spectrum of sport enthusiasts.

Whether you play a weekly soccer game with coworkers or you’re training for a half marathon, it is important to set yourself up for success. So, what can you do to be at the top of your game? Well, it’s quite simple – create a well-rounded, personalized workout plan.

This is not a call to pump iron 24/7. It is a call to athletes who want to up their game by taking steps that work for them. Research has provided a lot of information on how to find the balance between prep and performance. From top-of-the-line workout gear aimed at safety and performance enhancement, to exercises that help build and recover muscles, research has truly evolved the playing field.

Why should these revelations of performance boosting tips only apply to NFL players and Olympic champions? Well, they don’t. Below are some steps you can take to best develop your athletic game.

Prep for success

Your workout plan needs to be all encompassing. In other words, you cannot and should not only comprise an in-gym workout plan. You need to plan other parts of your day to play at your best.

So, yes, maybe you go to the gym for an hour two or three times a week, but is it worth going to the gym if you’re so exhausted you cannot lift or run to the best of your ability? Maybe not. Thus, to make your gym or game time count, use the other 23 hours of your day to prepare for success.

This means getting a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to perform at 100 percent when you are feeling like you are at 60 percent. Sleep allows your body and mind to recover. Furthermore, care for your muscles. Stretching is vital. Stretch and roll-out your muscles pre- and post-game; this allows for quicker recovery so you can attack tomorrow with full force.

Lastly, eat right. Fueling your body is important, if you give it less than adequate fuel, it will perform as such; give it a healthy, rounded variety of supplements, packed with protein, healthy fats, and carbs and your body will be able to go the extra mile.

Get in gear

What is the point of playing sports when your hamstrings are making some game-winning maneuvers impossible? Playing sports should be both physically advantageous and fun. Both these benefits get diminished when you don’t give yourself the means by which to best play the game.

As such, it is important to be proactive about anything that can ‘diminish the game’. Stretching is key, but injuries and discomfort still happen, so to best care for your body it is also important to provide your body with quality gear. You don’t see world-class runners wearing cleats, just as you don’t see professional soccer players wearing sneakers.

Get the gear that both fits your sport and your needs. One such way to keep your muscles happy and stay comfortable while playing is by wearing boys compression shorts; Tommie Copper’s compression shorts for boys offer support and comfort so you can perform to the best of your ability all day long. You suffer when your game takes a hit, your game takes a hit when you suffer, so don’t put your body through additional stress – give it the gear it deserves.

Make it happen

A healthy lifestyle and quality gear to aide performance are great, but only applicable when you’re out on the field or hitting the gym. Exercise. Play. Not just once, or twice, but consistently. Make a routine of it if you’re a schedule-driven person, or grab a workout buddy to keep yourself accountable. Whatever it is that gets you moving, do it.

And while you are out playing sports or enhancing your sport playing by supplemental trips to the gym or jogs around the park, make it count. There are lots of ways to enhance your workout. Some people take to interval training, high and low intensity actions to build their muscles and their endurance. Some find weight training best boosts their game.

Generally, a combination of workouts is the key to upping one’s performance. By using a combination of slow, full-body, compound movements – exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups – and explosive movements – fast, quick-twitch muscle movements – athletes can achieve a higher level of performance.

So, when you’re out there on the field, polishing your routines, or beating your best mile time, take these tips into consideration. Think about what you can do to excel and incorporate it into your daily game plan. Remember, it is up to you to be the athlete you want to be.