Top 5 online slots that every lover of American sports would enjoy!

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Top 5 online slots that every lover of American sports would enjoy!

Sports-themed slot games hugely appeal to a large number of male sports fans who also love gambling. Online casino developers are also introducing more and more number of different online slots of these kinds, to meet the growing demand of people who love watching NHL, NFL, NBA, college football, MLS and other exciting American sports. What more, there are special free-rolls based on major American sporting events such as NBA finals and Super Bowl. You can enjoy these online slots at popular casinos like https://ca.allslotscasino.coom/
and others that offer a whole lot of incentives to their first time and repeat clients. Let’s take you through some very exciting American sports-themed online slot games that also let you play them for free, to gain a better hang of them, before placing any real money bets!

5 Million Dollar Touchdown slots

This online slot game is based on football and has several popular football players, a dollar bill, some eye-catching cheerleaders, a referee’s finger and a goal as symbols on its reels! You can even indulge in some huge real money online slot tournaments during the college football season and NFL, giving you a chance to win as much as $ 5 million! (You can learn more about NFL on this page at

Money Shot slots

Themed around the sport of basketball, Money Shot slot game is one of those few sports-themed slot games that are possibly the best blend of basketball and gambling, providing ample entertainment value and a solid chance to win huge sums of money! There are some very exciting basketball symbols on its 5 reels, for instance, sexy cheerleaders, basketball fans, referee’s silver whistle, old Boston Garden, all-star uniform and high top sneakers!

Field of Green slots

This one’s another 5-reel slot game that features a 20 pay line bonus slot, along with a random progressive jackpot. The bonus game is very lucrative and the football-themed symbols you can see on its reels include: a cheerleader, a helmet, high-value playing cards, a football, a football player, a trophy, a whistle, a foam hand and a drink.

Million Dollar Rally slots

Based on NASCAR racing (you can learn more about NASCAR racing at this page on, Million Dollar Rally Slots is undoubtedly the best NASCAR-themed online slot game out there. Whenever you score any wins you’re greeted with some amazing NASCAR racing sounds. The symbols on the reels are exactly what you’d expect from this kind of game, for instance, spare tyres, stock cars, red chequered 7, the Winner’s Cup and chequered flags.

Golden Glove slots

Another hugely popular sports-themed online slot game that appeals greatly to lovers of American sports, Golden Glove slots has baseball written all over it! Every symbol on its reel has been carefully thought-out and designed to do justice to the theme, including, a baseball cap, a hot dog, popcorn, batter, a girl, a batting helmet, a baseball coach, a catcher, a baseball ball, golden glove and an award. It goes without saying, this one’s a big hit with baseball fans everywhere!