Ways To Make Money Off Your Favourite Sports

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Ways To Make Money Off Your Favourite Sports

Sports fans normally spend a lot of money as they support their favourite teams. From buying match tickets to team merchandise, fans usually spend a lot of money. Fans also have to subscribe to newsletters, sports magazines and other sources of sports news. The good news, however, is that fans can also make money off sports. With Premier League free bets,you can make money betting on your favourite game. While there are many ways to make money off your favourite sport, betting is perhaps the easiest and most rewarding option.

Sports Betting

Any sport has odds you can bet on. The first, obviously, is a prediction on who will win the match. After all, there must be a winner at the end of the match. Since most sports are usually played in periods, you can also bet on the score at the end of each period as well as who will win each of the periods. Soccer, hockey and rugby matches usually have two halves, while basketball has four quarters. When betting on the NBA, or any other major basketball league, you can bet on the total scorefor the entire game. You can also bet on the total score for each period.

Winning the Jackpot

Most bookmakers also have a jackpot, made up of multiple bets. For instance, the bookmaker can provide 13 games for sports fans to predict the correct outcome. If you get at least 12, or all of them, correct, you win big. The prize money is usually in the millions of dollar. The jackpot is usually hard to win, and the money increases every week. However, many people have become instant millionaires after predicting all the matches correctly. Now that the Premier League has started, jackpots have become easier to win since premier league matches are usually predictable. It is important to note that bookmakers normally include games from different leagues in the jackpot, so if you are not familiar with one or more football leagues, it may be difficult for you to win the jackpot. For this reason, you may want to start familiarizing yourself with football leagues from around the world to improve your chances of winning.


While many people are used to betting before a tennis, football, basketball or hockey match begins, there are some who only bet on matches that have already begun. Live-betting, as some people call it, is a great way to make money after studying the trend in an ongoing match. For instance, if you would like to bet on a premier league match that you’re not sure of, you can wait for it to start and study how the teams are playing. After 15 minutes, or so, you can confidently place your bet. The best thing about it is that odds normally increase with time, so if the bookmaker had given a 1.70 odd for the stronger team to win, the odds can climb to 1.90, or higher, if there are no goals after 15 minutes.

If you have a free bet, you can make some quick cash by placing a free bet on a premier league game. Since you are not staking your own money, you have nothing to lose, so you can place the bet much more comfortably.