The best sports to bet on in 2022

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Sports are a massive part of the world we live in and an activity which is central to many people’s lives. The best thing about them is the massive selection there is to choose from. Although popular ones like football spring to mind, you also have everything from squash to fencing, rugby, cricket and kabaddi. 

It is not just watching games or following the latest news which makes sports popular though. Many people also add more excitement to them by betting on matches. This is a great way to not only get closer to the action but also makes watching games more thrilling. As the sports betting market continues to grow each year, it is clear that there are many people starting to get into this now. 

To get the most from sports betting though, you need to find the best sports in 2022 for bettors. But which might this be?  


When it comes to the best sports to bet on in 2022, you must look at football and the NFL in particular. This is still arguably the biggest sport around in the USA, and also one which is finding lots of new fans internationally. 

But what makes the NFL so great for bettors? To begin with, there are always lots of great bonus offers and promotions to enjoy when wagering on it. This allows you to grab extras like risk-free bets or deposit bonuses to enjoy as you go. The best sports betting promotions are not only fun to use but also give you extra money to bet on the NFL with. 

In addition to this, there are always lots of NFL games to bet on each season and plenty of interesting markets to dive into. You might for example stick to more standard moneyline bets or explore other markets such as future or prop bets. The NFL also has plenty of easy to find stats online when deciding which bets to place.


Basketball is another great sport to consider betting on and has a lot going for it. While the NBA might rightfully attract a lot of attention from sports bettors, there are some other top leagues in basketball to wager on too. As basketball is such a huge sport in general, it is easy to find at all sportsbooks and you will have no trouble accessing it. 

As with the NFL, the NBA is a league which gets a great deal of coverage, which makes finding the latest sports news about it pretty simple. Plenty of TV coverage is also a great bonus for in-play bettors or those who like to watch their bets play out live. The NBA also has lots of detailed stats to dive into for bettors. 

Basketball can also be a great sport to bet on because it is familiar to many people and the top franchises in the NBA are well-known to most fans. This gives you a head-start when betting on games and also means you can bet on something you might follow anyway. 


If you are looking for top sports for bettors in 2022, soccer also ranks highly. Whether you bet on the MLS, the English Premier League, the Champions League or any other top competition in domestic soccer, you will never be short of games to follow here. 

International soccer is a major part of this sport and provides another angle for sports bettors to explore. Competitions such as the 2022 World Cup in Qatar can give you more games to wager on and fill in the gaps when domestic soccer is not running. 

This is also a sport which is has lots of coverage in the media, which means you will have no trouble tuning into games you have wagered on or finding out the latest results. Soccer is also carried by all sportsbooks, so you will have no issue in finding it to wager on. When you also add in the good value odds this sport offers, especially if you back underdogs who win, and the varied range of markets to bet on, the appeal is clear. 

Top sports to bet on in 2022

If you enjoy betting on sports or are thinking of getting into it, choosing the best ones to bet on in 2022 is sensible. This will not only lead to you wagering on a sport you enjoy or are familiar with but also one that has lots of other things going for it. If you need a little help in finding the best sports for bettors right now, the above all make great choices.