The Best Sports To Bet On In 2022

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The sports betting industry is poised to explode in the next few years. Due to factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and a widespread increase in legalised sports betting across Europe and the rest of the world, the sports betting industry has enjoyed a massive boom over the last couple of years, and it’s only going to get better as time goes on. There’s a good reason for that; sports betting is just plain fun. It adds an extra layer of drama and excitement to what can already be an incredibly tense and enjoyable pastime, after all. If you’re wondering what the best sports to bet on in 2022 are, then read on, because we’re about to tell you where all the action is when it comes to sports betting.




Football, or “soccer” as the Americans would have it, is one of the best sports you can bet on right now. Thanks to the massive amount of leagues, teams, and players out there, you’ll always be able to find betting odds that suit you, regardless of what kind of bet you want to make. Whether you’re taking advantage of the fantastic betting odds at Novibet or visiting your own favourite platform, football is a great sport to bet on. There are also lots of different ways in which you can place bets and predict the outcomes of matches, so football is a diverse betting sport as well.




We’re nearing the tennis season in 2022, and so there’s never been a better time to place a bet or two on a tennis match. Some of the greatest players of all time are currently gracing the court; Britain’s Emma Raducanu is swiftly making a name for herself, and mainstays like Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev are providing fans with exciting, unpredictable games of tennis to keep them occupied. Betting on tennis is a simple, straightforward affair; you can bet on the outcome of a match, for example, or you can bet on point lines, just like in any other sport.




Golf is a highly underrated sport when it comes to betting. Depending on where you look, everyone has their own favourite player to win this year’s US Open, which begins on June 16th. However you slice it, though, betting on golf is a great pastime because there are so many different ways in which you can place a bet. You could, for example, bet that a player is consistently going to achieve a certain score under par, or you could bet on point difference between players. That’s in addition to betting on the overall outcome of rounds, of course.




It’s possible to win big if you manage to predict the outcome of a rugby match or tournament. That’s because rugby, despite being virtually unknown outside of the nations that play it religiously, is a huge deal in countries like the UK, New Zealand, and South Africa. Placing bets on rugby is done in much the same way as it is for other sports; you bet on certain teams to win or lose games or major tournaments, and you secure a payout if you win. Rugby is, as the old adage goes, a hooligan’s sport played by gentlemen, and betting on it is a surefire way to feel like you’re participating in the match from the sidelines.


Formula 1


Depending on your personal definition, Formula 1 racing may or may not qualify as a sport, but either way, most betting sites will offer the chance to bet on these thrilling, high-speed races. Unlike many other sports, it’s essentially possible to buy your way to the top when it comes to Formula 1 racing; teams with more money can afford better gear, and so it’s less about moment-to-moment upsets and more about overall trends across the course of a season. That’s why it’s important to keep track of Formula 1 goings-on if you’re going to bet on this exciting sport.




Basketball is the perfect sport to bet on if you like your betting to be more fast-paced and unpredictable. Each game of basketball is short and furiously tense; victories can often come down to the very last throw of the game, and basketball has had more than its fair share of underdog victories as a result of this. Odds for basketball games can often change on a dime, so make sure you’re paying attention to the very latest odds on the game you’re betting on. You never know; the team you’ve pegged as a dead cert could actually end up losing the game!




People who like zero-sum games should definitely look to boxing when it comes to betting. After all, there are only two real outcomes in a boxing match: participant A wins or participant B does. It is possible for a boxing match to end in a draw, but it’s a very rare occurrence. As such, when you place a bet in boxing, you have slightly fewer options in terms of victories, which makes the game feel more tense. You can, of course, also bet on whether a fighter will achieve a TKO, for example, or how many rounds it will take them to win.

These are just some of our favourite sports to bet on, but no matter which sport you’re watching, you stand a good chance of massively enhancing your experience when you bet on it. Remember to bet responsibly and don’t exceed your bankroll!