The Best Sports Video Games Ever Created

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If you don’t own these 5 sporting video games then you’re seriously missing out

The events of the past year have put international sporting competitions on hold across the world. If you’re anything like us then you’re itching to see it return. In the meantime, we have a solution for you, that is possibly more fun than the original option. 


Not only do sports games provide you with the captivating drama that real sport does. But it comes with the added bonus of being able to replay matches if your team loses. We’ve put together a list of the greatest sports games of all time (with a few honorable mentions) for you today. 


Here are 5 of the greatest ever sporting video games that will fix your sports cravings: 


#5 Mario Tennis  (METACRITIC SCORE 90) 

We’re kicking things off with a classic. Yes, this may not be the most accurate Tennis simulator of all time. You won’t get to play against the greats like Serena Willams or Nedal but you’ll recognize many of the faces. Having said that one of the only things that could improve this game would be watching a 5 setter between Donkey Kong and Rodger Federer. 


When this game was originally released in 2000 it won universal acclaim, with game reviewers calling it ‘highly addictive’. The game has stood the test of time and is still the 8th best selling Gameboy game of all time. 


This game is available on the Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and a remastered version is available on the Switch. It is not available on non-Nintendo consoles. 



Sun, snow, and extreme sports – what’s not to love. 


The SSX series was born at a time when we were all obsessed with board-based sports. This series certainly benefited from the success of a certain Mr. Hawk at the beginning. However, as time went on this series established itself as one of the best sports games of the era. 


SSX 3 was the game that changed the fortunes of this series, arriving on the scene with breathtaking graphics, addictive mini games, and a killer soundtrack. 


The game is available on Gamecube, PS2 (and onwards), and Xbox 3 (and onwards), with the latest games available on the newest generation of consoles and PC. 


#3 PGA Tour Series (METACRITIC 93) 

We’ll be the first to admit that watching golf isn’t our favorite pastime. BUT, let us play golf on a computer generated green on the other hand, and we’ll do that for hours. 


Stars like Tiger Wood putting their weight behind the PGA series took the gentlemen’s game and added a sense of glamour and danger. 


This is a simple game but it gets everything right and is nearly impossible to put down. 


This game was first released on Playstation 1 and Xbox, however, new versions of the game are available on the latest generation consoles and PC. 


#2 Madden NFL Series (METACRITIC 94) 

Madden was one of the original sports simulation games. Its first installment (John Madden NFL) was released in 1998. The game took sporting games from something abstract and intrinsically nerdy to something even casual gamers could enjoy. 


Over the years the popularity of Madden has increased, spreading far beyond the shores of the US. And the game has been featured on many TV shows including NBC’s The Good Place. 


Madden NFL has been available on every console since the Super NES. And the 2021 version of the game is available on the latest generation of consoles and PC. 

Honorable mentions: 

Here are some sporting giants that didn’t quite make the cut but deserve some recognition anyway: 


  • Wii Sports 
  • The FIFA series 
  • Football Manager series 


To be able to play these Sports Games the way their designers intended you’ll need a good gaming PC. Interested in building your own? The guys at can help you out with that. 


#1 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 (METACRITIC 98) 

You all knew this was coming. There are only three inevitabilities in life: death, taxes, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 bring named the best sports game on every single list. 


When this game was remastered in 2020 it sold over a million copies in its first week. 20 years after its original release this game still has a special place in the hearts of millions. 


Not only did this game come with an out-of-this-world soundtrack, but it featured some of the biggest names in skateboarding at the time and even had a few surprise celebrity cameos. 


If you haven’t played it before, what are you waiting for?! 


This game was originally released on the Playstation but a remastered version of the game is available on the latest generation consoles and PC.