The Best Winning Strategies When Betting On the NHL

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The National Hockey League {NHL} remains the cream of the crop as concerns ice hockey leagues worldwide. This non-profit association operates the major professional ice hockey leagues in North America and currently has thirty teams; seven in Canada and 23 in the U.S. According to an article in The Atlantic, NHL fans are the richest among all sports fans with over a third making above $100k compared to the general population’s 19%. These statistics make it the best choice not only for advertisers but also for gamers looking to make the highest profits in betting.

The following are some winning strategies to help you reap the highest profits when betting on the NHL.

Bet On the Underdogs

Wagering on underdogs in an NHL match seems like a losing strategy. However, there are statistically sharp underdogs in the NHL since there is a somewhat level playing field in this league. The NHL salary caps serve to even the skill among teams and give both sides equal opportunities in a match irrespective of how dismally they performed in the previous season. As such, you might enjoy a high payout by betting on a team that is seemingly the underdog in a match.

Bet Like You Are Playing Poker Not Blackjack

In poker, you only bet on games where you have the highest odds of winning, unlike in blackjack, where you can play all games. Be patient when shopping for the game on which to place your bet, and do not always bet on the biggest matches or your favorite team. This way, you, over time, will understand the NHL expert picks and bets that guarantee the highest returns.

Throw Out Parlays

Parlays offer an opportunity to win huge payouts after placing low bets, much like when playing the lottery. This might seem lucrative, but it is not the best choice for sports investors since the statistical risks will increase with each bet. This means that a high number of parlays in NHL betting lowers your winning probability. Wagering on individual games on the NHL is far more profitable because it has higher winning odds than parlays, allows you to manage your bankroll, and you can pick the bets with high yields.


Researching NHL games before placing your bet is as crucial as it is in other leagues. However, your research should take into account more than the numbers of the critical statistics of a game. Consider the indicators and weights that handicappers have used to reach different odds so that you can make an informed choice. The common indicators and weights used for NHL odds include historical matchups, recent performances, injuries, and starting goalies.

Consider a Team’s Road Game Advantage

Most bettors will automatically lean on home ice advantage when placing bets and go for the home team. Even so, some teams are exceptionally well-prepared for road games and might have an advantage when playing away matches. The visiting team might seem like the underdog but consider how well they play on their other away matches and whether they are playing back-to-back games. They might be in better shape than the home team and carry the day.

Change Your Betting System When Need Be

Most gamers are creatures of habit and stick to one betting system, even when they are losing money. Regularly evaluate how well or dismally your betting system has worked for you after a specific period then change when necessary. If, for instance, you have been losing more than you are winning with the martingale system, consider switching to the Fibonacci system.

Some gamers will treat NHL betting as an off-season investment when other major sports leagues are on a break. Thus, they will see no essence of the above strategies since they assume there isn’t much to gain in NHL betting. However, to a serious sports investor, the above strategies are surefire ways to build your portfolio and bankroll.