The Game Day Workout: How To Train Like A Pro Athlete

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Ever wonder what it’s like to workout and train for your job? Well, that’s the life for professional athletes. But there’s really nothing stopping you from doing the same even as you scroll through our site, right?

Train like a pro with this routine:

Warm up properly.

Pro or not, you ALWAYS have to warm up. Thank us later, but a proper warm-up exercise can save you from injury. In the case of pro athletes, however, static stretches do not suffice. A warm-up should also be dynamic.

Start with aerobic-based exercises for about 5 to 10 minutes, followed by muscle lengthening exercises. Now you can go for static stretches that are targeted to specific areas. Activate your core and glutes, and end with dynamic stretches.

A proper and dynamic warm-up is crucial to boost your readiness as well.

Build strength the better way.

Typical exercises you can find on the Internet are not the be-all and end-all of athletic training. This is the stark difference between professional and non-professional training.

Overload—train not just 2-3 times a week. As much as possible, athletes train every day (with some days allotted for active recovery, of course). Overloading forces the body to adapt either visually or performance-wise.

This is precisely how you can apply the so-called Progressive Overload model of seasoned athletes. Other ways include increasing resistance, repetitions, and volume.

Athletes also train using sport-specific exercises. This can vary from targeted areas or performance cues. Either way, you’re sure to progress with this smarter way.


Switch up modalities.

You can incorporate a multi-pronged approach in your training by having varied exercises.

Full-body dumbbell exercises, for one, can significantly improve endurance and stability. Do squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and other exercises to target different muscle groups and make yourself stronger.

We know, it’s difficult to work out in this pandemic. The gyms are closed, and it hurts the wallet to buy everything personally. But don’t worry, we got you.

Most equipment in this quarantine period was made to work for you. The Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, for example, is ADJUSTABLE. Not only that but adjusting them is pretty easy and fast. You can adjust the weight from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds. It even saves space! If you’re interested, check this out for a full review on Bowflex SelectTech 552.

Aside from dumbbells, you can also use kettlebells and barbells. For an extensive list of handy equipment, check this out to find out more.

Up the intensity.

Follow your strength training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises. These exercises alternate between high bursts of intensity and recovery periods. Surprise, surprise! You’re going to need little to no equipment for these. It’s perfect for home workouts!

HIIT can especially be useful in losing fat without losing muscle. At an increased heart rate, your body burns fat more quickly. That’s why it’s especially recommended when you’re away from the gym and you need to keep the muscle mass.

A word of caution though, HIIT is only meant to supplement your sport-specific training. It’s convenient and it increases your metabolism, but it’s not recommended for long periods of time nor a daily must-have on your routine.

Focus on mental health.

Physical strength isn’t everything for athletes. Of course, their mental health also matters.

Just like pro athletes, you might find yourself under a lot of pressure as well. Let’s be honest, no one is immune to setbacks or defeats. That’s why you should take the time to take care of your mental health and do mindfulness training.

Meditation and visualization have helped countless pro athletes in accomplishing their goals. Add active recovery to your routine, whether it’s yoga or Pilates. It’s your choice!

You can turn to mobile apps for mindfulness exercises. There are countless apps on the market. Plus, we’re at a time where therapy and asking for help is getting more destigmatized by the day, so go for it.

Don’t forget…

Training isn’t solely about workouts. It is important, of course. Aside from a proper and dynamic workout, you have to tailor-fit and overload specific exercises for you to progress. Switch up from time to time so you don’t plateau. It doesn’t hurt to add HIIT to the mix either.

Pro athletes don’t train almost 24/7 just to slack on their lifestyle habits. Hop into an ice bath after a long day, get some full night’s sleep, and eat clean, no matter the season.

Training like a pro athlete is a lifestyle.