The Most Bet Online Sports

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Online sports betting has been moving from strength to strength over recent years as a growing number of platforms have become more readily available and offered more accessibility to a growing number of users, similarly the growing opportunities in online broadcasting to bring events to more users than before as options away from paywalls and cable channels enable viewership numbers to go up. Many of these new betting sites which can be found here are becoming available away from initiatives such as Gamstop too which have been aimed at slowing growth, but what are the most bet sports through many of  these sites?

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European Football – As the most popular sport in the world, it’s no surprise that European Football tops the list as being the most bet sport in the world. Being represented around the world through different countries and the opportunities that come every few years through international competition in the euros and the world cup that brings a mishmash of fans together. Being amongst the first of the big sports to move primarily online too as many UK based events have become available through platforms like Amazon Prime, it has led to what could become a permanent change in sporting for many.

Combat Sports – Both boxing and the UFC have built a business model where the betting market plays a huge role in the success of the athletes taking part with the biggest fighters taking home part of the purse for this largely tied to things such as PPV, and with the excitement that fighting brings its no surprise it comes toward the top of this list for being amongst the most bet sports. With many more eyes on combat sports now too as being one of the first big sporting events to find a return last year, the popularity has only been increasing.

Esports – The new kid on the block, so to speak, but certainly a fast mover as viewership numbers have managed to grow and even surpass some of the biggest sporting events in the world. Whilst the betting market is still only young having only emerged in the past five or so years, some of the biggest games in esports have a huge betting market quickly developed and are quickly becoming amongst the most bet sports in the world.

The next big step for many major sports to growth their own online betting scene will be within the move to an online platform similar to esports and European football, for example, and with major broadcasting deals set to expire within the coming years, there could be further opportunities available to major sporting and the betting markets behind them in the near future.