The most important mobile betting features you can put to the test while using a mobile app

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Smartphones allow us to do many things that were impossible back in the days, such as playing casino games and wagering on sports without visiting a land-based bookie. So whether we prefer an app for Android and iOS or a mobile site version, we can access our favorite sports and casino games even if we are not at home.


While it is true that the mobile site is more convenient because it does not require customers to download and install any apps, using an app for the two leading mobile OS has its advantages. Besides offering better graphics and the fact it uses less mobile data, the app will also allow you to use special betting features. Usually, they are not available to mobile website users, which is one of the reasons why some apps are so popular. Let’s take a look at some of the betting features that you may have the chance to put to the test.


Mobile Cash Out


The first feature that people might have access to is the Mobile Cash Out. Although it is not available on every platform, users who visit Nostrabet and complete the Betway download process to get the app for Android and iOS will have the chance to settle their events whenever they want to.


Cash Out is a feature that gives ounters the power to settle their bets in real-time. If you use it, you will have more control over your bet because there is no need to wait until the event’s full duration. Depending on the scenario you are in, Cash Out might cut your losses or provide you with your winnings.


Typically, online bookies allow their clients to utilize this feature while betting on popular sports, such as football. However, some gambling platforms might include other sports on the list, like basketball, eSports, tennis, and more.


Live Streaming Platform Integrations


Another interesting option that some punters may have the opportunity to use is called Live Streaming. Despite having a lot of fans, only some of the best operators allow their clients to take advantage of it. Hence, users who download the Betway mobile app for Android and iOS after visiting Nostrabet shouldn’t be surprised that this option is available.


One of the interesting things about live streaming is that some bookies use the services of other platforms. For example, people interested in eSports know that Twitch is the industry leader when it comes down to live streaming, which is why you can often find this platform integrated among numerous betting sites.


In-Play betting


Finally, we have a mobile feature that Android and iOS customers use daily. Similar to the previous two options, Live Betting is something that should be accessible on most reputable sports betting platforms. However, only a handful of them will feature it on their mobile apps, which is why you should be careful when choosing your new online bookie.