The Strongest Earthquakes

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If you ever experienced an earthquake, you probably know the difficulties you have to face during an earthquake. It is more difficult than playing kasyno z blikiem. So, in this post, we hope to educate you about the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in human history. Before, that here is a brief introduction to earthquakes. 

Cause of the Earthquakes 

An earthquake occurs due to an instant error on a fault. Most people do not know this, the tectonic plates move all the time. But they move slowly. However, the plates get jammed at the corners or edges because of the friction. After stress overpowers the friction, it sends the energy of the wave to the crust of the earth. That causes a trembling that we feel during an earthquake. 

Why Is California Consider a Hotspot?

From the above section, you now know what causes an earthquake. In other words, the movement of the tectonic plates is the main reason for these earthquakes. Having said that, most people consider California as one of the hotspots for earthquakes. Why is that? We hope to answer that question. 

In California you can find two tectonic plates in California; North American Plate and Pacific Plate. The North American Plate consists of the Atlantic Oceans Floor parts and the N.A. Continent parts. On the other hand, Pacific Plate consists of California Coastline parts and Pacific Ocean floor parts. And the San Andreas Fault is the main boundary for these plates. Besides, this boundary is 650 miles long and has a depth of 10 miles. Therefore, California has the perfect recipe for earthquakes. 

Strongest Earthquakes Ever Recorded in Earth History

In the history of the earth, it has seen a fair share of deadly earthquakes. So, here are three of the strongest and most fatal earthquakes in history. 

Valdivia Earthquake in 1960 – 9.5 Magnitude

Valdivia earthquake is the strongest earthquake on our list. And it holds the number one position with stunning 9.5 magnitudes. Most people called this earthquake Great Chilean Earthquake, and it hit in 1960. The Valdivia earthquake spread across a 100-mile land area. And the aftermath causes a giant tsunami, it created waves close to 35 feet, and this earthquake lasted for 10 minutes. 

Great Alaska Earthquake in 1964 – 9.2 Magnitude

In 1964, this Great Alaska earthquake lasted 4.5 minutes. It was the strongest earthquake in US history. Apart from that, it triggered a tsunami that had 27 feet high waves. This earthquake took the life of 139 people. Most people refer to this earthquake as the Good Friday Earthquake. 

Sumatra Earthquake in 2004 – 9.1 Magnitude

This is the 3rd strongest earthquake in history. It was hit in 2004 and had a 9.1 magnitude. The earthquake damaged close to a 900-mile land area. And the tsunami triggered a 100 feet high waves.

Wrap Up

Above mentioned three earthquakes are the strongest in the earth’s known history. An earthquake can be dangerous for the earth and humans. Hot spots such as California has a higher risk level than the other locations. So, it is better to avoid those types of locations.