Things to be Wary When Wagering for a Horse Race

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Wagering on a horse race can be fun and profitable. However, it can also become frustrating, especially if you are constantly committing mistakes. It is why you should do your research first and practice.


To start mastering your horse race betting skills, here are the things you should never forget to avoid to increase your chance of success.


Disregarding the Jockey

The jockey is as important as the trainer and as the horse itself. They are the one who controls the horse during the race, and they should be considered as one with the horse. When wagering, you must also take time to research the jockey and note their skills.


This mistake is the most common mistake committed by an amateur punter, which results in an unfortunate loss. If you know how important it is to handicap horses in each race, you should also know how vital the jockey’s role is in a race.


What you must look for when researching the jockey are their experience and successes. Betting on an experienced horse with a little experienced jockey can still be a viable thing to do, but betting on an experienced horse and an experienced jockey will increase your chance by two-fold.


Handicap Race

A handicap race is a horse race where the horses are required to carry different weights during a race to level the playing field. The weight that is allocated to each horse will depend on their ability. The finer horse will be required to carry heavier baggage as they have a higher chance of winning the race.


Many punters still wager on this kind of race due to the high profit, not knowing they are putting their bets at more significant risks. Handicap races are hard to predict, which is why you have to avoid betting on this race as much as possible.


Do not be captivated by how much you will earn. Instead, it would be best if you focused on how much chance you have of winning. Because at the end of the day, no matter how high the money you can get, you will never profit anything if you do not win.


Playing Exotic Wager

Although playing exotic wagers can be more fun and challenging, your chances of winning are low. If you aim to earn from wagering on horse racing, it is best to avoid this wagering, especially if you are a rookie bettor. However, if you want to do exotic betting, you must gain experience, competence, and skills to do it correctly.


To ensure your victory, you can focus on a straight bet instead. A straight bet is a kind of bet that you wager on which horse comes first, second or third. It is the best type of betting that will provide you with better results compared to exotic betting.


Place Bets Early

You will notice that some bettors place their bets early. They tend to predict the winner through projected odds and start placing bets on participating horses. This is one of the mistakes that put punters on the verge of bankruptcy. If you want to win every race you bet on, it would be best to learn patience and timing.


Not because a horse is a heavy favorite from the start that it will win. There are many favorites in a horse race that did not land first place in the end. Always choose the winning horse according to their ability, trainer, jockey, experience, and the likes.


Avoid putting your money where the public places big bets on. Wager according to your intuition and preference and not from others. Bet as late as you can to see how the odds change and know what odds you will get as the race starts.


Betting Big On Heavy Favorites

Many bettors thought that betting on the heavy favorite would help them profit more. Although their chances of winning increase, they do not consider that betting on the favorite will give you a smaller return. On the contrary, betting on the horse with bigger odds will give you a bigger return but a lower chance of winning.


However, this does not mean that you should avoid betting on your favorite all the time. You will have to base every bet you make on value. If you think that betting on the favorite is the only way to win, do not hesitate.


Another thing to note is that the bigger the bets coming on the favorite, the smaller the return becomes. It is why punters should not place large bets on the horse during a race to assure that all bettors who put their money on the favorite will still take a good payout.


Play It Safe

If your goal is to profit from horse race betting, you should become wiser in playing this game. When you wager on horse races, avoiding these things can be your first step to becoming a successful punter and earning more money.