Top 4 Athletes Who Love Gambling

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Sportsmen also have hobbies. Some love watching movies, others record their songs. Yet, some athletes are fond of gambling, and the bets are higher than you place in Playamo. Here are the most passionate sportsmen.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is known in his native Las Vegas as a desperate gambler. He was even nicknamed Money by the house managers because he was so easy to get away with. So big was Floyd’s gambling addiction that bookie R.J. Bell estimated Mayweather would bet $5 million on his last fight against UFC star Conan McGregor. ESPN later reported that the boxer tried to bet $400,000 on his win. M Resort in Vegas refused to accept the bet, fearing it was illegal.


Mayweather was undaunted and asked a friend to bet. He bet $87,000 on behalf of a buddy. It is reported that Floyd was furious that the maximum bet limit was so low. Imagine his fury when he won the fight and the second he realized what prize had slipped out from under his nose.


Once Mayweather hosted a $300,000 blackjack tournament in the Bahamas. At the time, the boxer proved he was very familiar with the game. His stakes per hand were $100,000.

Jaromir Jagr

The legendary Czech hockey player is well-known to hockey fans and bookmakers. Jaromir Jagr’s addiction to gambling became known after the story surfaced that he owed $ 950,000 to online bookmakers.


The man was not usually lucky in the betting, and he bet up to 20 thousand dollars per foot game. When he finally won a bet, the bookmaker’s office had a feast because they were afraid that Jagr would stop betting after endless losses.

Wayne Rooney

The former Manchester United captain was part of a scandalous story involving the fact that he lost about £700,000 to a bookmaker’s office by betting on the racetrack and dog races. The footballer himself and his representatives denied the existence of the debt, along with doubts about the legality of the license of the Goldchip office.

Phil Mickelson

The American golfer seems perfect from the outside. He wins tournaments, makes a lot of money. All would be well, if not for his addiction to betting. There are quite a few stories about his bets on all sorts of sporting events, from the Super Bowl to the Baseball World Series, with bets amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.


There was a rumor that he changed his sponsor from Titleist to Callaway only because the latter agreed to pay all his debts to bookmakers.

Stan Bowles

One of the best players in English football history has always been famous for his eccentric antics on and off the field.


In his autobiography Stan the Man, Bowles spoke frankly about his morbid passion for horse racing and betting that haunted him throughout his life.