Top 5 shoes to play golf in

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Even if the golf season runs all year for a lucky few, it’s only a couple of months left until the golf courses all over the country are going to be teeming with life. But the actual golf season is not the best time to buy shoes, as it can be helpful to walk these in ahead of the season starting. 


If you’re looking to buy new shoes for your golfing adventures it might just be the perfect time to start researching different options. This will also give you time to find a shoe that combines good looks, breathability, and comfort. If you’re looking to save some money on shoes, check out this attractive promo code for hey dude shoes.


Skechers Go Golf Drive 5  

These are one of the most versatile golf shoes available on the market today and offer up great cushioning for a spikeless golf shoe, the grip is excellent. They look more like traditional sneakers rather than golf shoes and are an attractive alternative if you want to be able to walk them in before you get on the course. 


Duca Del Cosma Churchill Golf Shoe 

For those looking for a more traditional design, this is the way to go. These shoes are incredibly stylish and offer up great detailing and have a classic design. And even if they look like they’re from the age of Churchill, they offer up high-tech solutions to provide good cushioning and grip. 


Adidas ZG21 Golf Shoes 

If you’re someone who puts a high premium on comfort this is the best bet. These shoes are incredibly lightweight, while also offering up state-of-the-art cushioning. The shoes also have spikes on them, offering up additional grip. If you want to read more about these shoes on the link.

Nike Air Zoom Victory Your 2 Golf Shoes 

If you’re looking for spiked golf shoes, the Nike Air Zoom is one of your best bets. Nike knows how to design a good-looking shoe that also works incredibly well. These shoes are very comfortable and have a sporty look. Even if the spikes can take a couple of holes to get used to they offer up fantastic traction.  

Under Armour Hovr Drive 2 Golf Shoe

For those looking for the most high-tech design, this is the best possible option. The traction is excellent and the cushioning is more than ample to provide good support over the course of 18 holes. They might take some time to break in but are well worth the effort of doing so.