Top best bets ever placed on American football games

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Players who stake huge amounts to win big in various sports

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Betting has grown over the years, and now, many people are betting on various games at online casino Ireland and all over the world – especially on American football games. While there are 3 ways of betting on American football games, punters may know which method will succeed after learning about the best bets that other punters have ever placed on American football games.

The following players have bet on American football games:

Josh Shaw

Josh Shaw is the cornerback of the NFL team Arizona Cardinals. He placed a bet on several NFL games and he is on suspension as a result of betting on the games. Josh Shaw placed a bet on several NFL games during this year’s season while on an injury. The NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, suspended him for violating the terms of the NFL.

Phil Bardsley

This is Burnley’s right-back defender. However, he places bets on online casinos sometimes. In 2013, he played an online casino and won. His pictures were all over several newspapers the following morning, showing him lying on the casino floor covered in £50 notes he won from gambling. Unfortunately, his manager then, Paolo Di Canio, fired him from the team (Sunderland) after the pictures.

David Bentley

Bentley is a former professional footballer in Europe’s English premium league. He played as a winger and as a central midfielder. He admitted that he used to place bets on various sports such as horse races and bingo back in 2008. He would place hundreds of bets in a single day in an attempt to win. However, he no longer gambles on games.

Paul Merson

This is a football television expert and former professional football player. He admitted to having spent more than £7million on gambling and other past-time activities. He would place as much as £60,000 after receiving his pension. He even considered breaking his fingers so he could stop phoning his bookie. His gambling addiction led to alcoholism. However, he has abandoned gambling and his life is better now, according to his statement.

Gigi Buffon

Buffon is an Italian footballer who loves to play poker. He has been gambling, placing wagers on online poker games and other casino games as well. In 2006 and 2012, the Juventus goalkeeper was under investigations on allegations of illegal sports betting. However, he was found to be innocent. He became an ambassador of an online casino company – PokerStars. He is one of the players who plays casino games.

Some players love to play online casinos and bet on sports games. This article has looked at some of the professional players who enjoy betting on sports activities and online casino games. The players come from different sports backgrounds, with the majority being professional football players. However, some play in America’s NFL. Their love for sports and gambling has seen them stake huge amounts as a wager.