Top health apps

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Personal assistant, trainer, nutritionist, personal assistant, and objective controller in your pocket.

You can keep track of your health with online diaries, calendars, and other “smart” apps that can store and analyze data about your body. If you got nervous during online cricket betting games or overate over the holidays, these apps will definitely help you.



An app for health, sports, and bodybuilding enthusiasts on iPhone or Android who prefer personal training. Aaptiv will take your workouts to a whole new level. The program offers 2,500 audio recordings and 15 personal trainers who create new courses every week – everything you need for overall development and training. In addition, the program includes simple audio instructions. Regardless of your workout style (weightlifting, cardio, etc.), Aaptiv will help you achieve any athletic results. Any workout can be customized until it fits your needs and abilities. Available settings:

. Workout category or type – running, strength training, yoga, etc.

. Class – for beginners, advanced or intermediate athletes;

. personal trainer;

. music genre – for selection of tracks;

. workout duration.

Because of the incredible variety of workouts, training levels, and certified trainers, the program is suitable for everyone who wants to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are new to the sport or a winner of many competitions.

Nike + Training Club

The famous mobile health app is designed for various sports and workouts. There are four initial categories: Get Lean, Get Toned, Get Strong, and Get Focused.

 . Get Lean offers various cardio exercises of varying intensities, lasting from 30 to 45 minutes.

. Get Toned is a low-impact workout series designed to achieve overall muscle tone.

. Get Strong offers more challenging exercises for trained athletes. With heavyweights and multiple repetitions, you can make incredible progress and increase your strength performance.

. Get Focused is designed to develop and train specific problem areas. These are 15-minute workouts for the arm, abs, chest, and back muscles.

In addition to these sections, Nike Training Club also has 15 particular bonus workouts from famous athletes and trainers. For example, girls can choose to be mentored by Serena Williams.


Runkeeper offers a vast library of running routes. One of its unique features is running training programs to help you reach different goals. For $9.99 a month, it offers a 5K achievement program. A simple, intuitive interface and syncing with music services like Pandora and Spotify make the program one top-rated health apps.

The benefits of using the Runkeeper App:

. Runkeeper uses technology that tells you your route on a detailed map. You can choose the right pace with several essential parameters, such as average and maximum speed, distance, and time.

. Like other top apps, Runkeeper offers different levels of personalization. For example, you can save and upload routes, tweak distance and time, and share your results on Facebook and Twitter.

. Provides a weekly workout schedule, which is designed to increase fitness levels and also tracks your progress.

. It’s usually tough to find a natural motivator. The app forces you to exceed your past workout performance. You can turn on 24/7 activity analysis mode to keep track of the steps and calories you burned throughout the day.

. You can compare your workout performance with other users. The program automatically detects essential factors such as weather, environment, and many others so you can adjust your performance level according to the latest data.

Health on iPhone

This program is one of the few that cannot be deleted. First, it is a complete medical record where you can enter all available health data. Second, it keeps your activity chart by day, week, month, and even year.

Health tracks your activity, breathing, workouts, and heart rate with the Apple Watch.

Health lets you keep track of a wide range of data, from blood pressure and blood glucose measurements to records of your reproductive health and weight.

Apple HealthKit

Improves standard health care. The app saves your health and physical activity data on your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can also share this information with your doctor. Based on the HealthKit software interface, the Apple Watch collects data about your daily activity, heart rate, and workouts completed. The app’s most popular data types are Activity, Awareness, Nutrition, and Sleep. The program pulls data from various services and apps and passes it to the Health app.

Google Fit

Automatically records your activity. Google Fit captures your speed, pace, route, altitude, etc. Synchronizes with Google watch. The app collects information from other services to track fitness, nutrition, sleep, and weight. Similar to Apple, HealthKit extends health care options. The program contains various information about the user’s health, and he can send this data to his doctor.

5K Running Trainer

If you want to exercise more, lose weight, and diversify your daily activity with cardio but don’t know where to start, this health-promoting app on Android and iPhone is for you. The utility offers a 9-week running program that gently gets you off the couch and into the fresh air. The first week’s workout will have you doing 3 15-20 minute sessions. Stick to the app plan, and you’ll be running 5k in one activity before you know it. The first week of training is free. Then you have to pay – $7.99 for three months of use or $9.99 for a lifetime license. After that, all you need to get started is a pair of headphones and your favorite sneakers.

Benefits of the program:

. Short runs combined with long walks are ideal for beginning athletes.

. The first day includes a quick five-minute warm-up walk, followed by 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. So many people have given up running simply because they started too fast and active. Having specific, short distances or time intervals will keep you from doing more than you need to.

. Brilliant running – safe workouts are always at your fingertips.



An app for those who monitor their weight and stick to a healthy diet. You record what you have eaten and in what quantity in the app diary. The program shows the caloric content of meals, the protein-fat-carbohydrate content, and advice on improving your diet. In Lifesum, you can explore popular diet programs. If necessary, the user can create an individual diet program. The app takes into account physical activity and synchronizes with other services. The user gets a score – how active they were during the day.

App-based workouts are much more active and influential. Health maintenance programs help people overcome barriers, such as lack of discipline or motivation, leading to incredible results. Over time, these improved habits can lead to significant changes in life. If you already use any software for your favorite sport, whether it’s a run tracker or a calorie counter, share about it in the comments, and we’ll be sure to consider your suggestion for the following ranking.