Top Sports Events of 2022

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Here is the new normal, finally! A lot has changed over the past few years due to the pandemic. We have lost a lot, we have missed a lot. However, after a lot of jerks, we are somehow coping up, trying to come back to our old habits and enthusiasm. Similarly, sports fans had suffered much during the past couple of years, being confined to their homes instead of going to the stadiums cheering out loud. However, due to the immense development of online betting, you can now do sports betting right from your own home. Check out at to get reviews of the best online betting sites and then choose the one that suits you the best. As long as you have access to what is happening on the ground, you can wager on the winnings of your favorite player or team. However, we are now trying to slowly come back to places where we had last come years ago. 2022, in fact, has a number of exciting sporting events to look forward to and that already took place. Let us take a quick look at some of them.


Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics is definitely one of the most exciting sporting events all over the world. The Olympics itself is such a big event, it costs so much and similarly generates a huge section of revenue. This multi-sports event proves to be the only platform for various offbeat sports whose players and fans wait so long for this alike. It spanned between 4th and 20th February in Beijing, China. There were 109 medal events out of 15 sports. Both the opening and closing ceremonies took place in Beijing but the entire game was spread across 3 zones.


Six Nations


It is one of the major, most prominent and important leagues when it comes to players and fans of rugby. It ran from 5th Feb to 19th March and the countries that were involved in the league were Italy, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.


Super Bowl


We all know that American soccer is a little different from its European counterparts. However, it too has a huge fanbase. The finals of the NFL yields the Super Bowl which is a really big deal for Americans. It took place on the 13th of Feb in Inglewood, California.


UEFA Champions League Finals


This is one of the most sought-after football leagues both by players and fans alike. It is set to take place on 28th May in Stade de France, Paris, in France.


FIFA 2022 World Cup


No league beats this one in terms of participation, fanbase, star players, or revenue collection. By no league, we don’t consider here simply other football leagues but any sporting event for that matter. The excitement around this one is unparalleled. It is set to take place in Qatar between 21st November to 18th December.


It is very hard to select so few because we are still left with some exciting ones like the NBA finals or Wimbledon, for example.