UK Football Betting

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There are plenty of hardworking folk in the UK. One of the most celebrated ways of finding recreation is in sports, especially football. If that’s not your bag, there are several other popular sports to enjoy like cricket. rugby, tennis etc. This wide popularity led people to get involved in the best possible way. One of the ways to make sports even more fun is to place bets on the matches. It has always been a practice in and around the UK but with online gambling taking over the landscape people have slowly shifted to the convenience of placing bets from the comfort of their own homes. At BoyleSports, you will get everything you need to know about football betting UK


However, one must remember that football betting keeps on evolving and it keeps on changing with the times. Fans have always loved to use their knowledge and gut feeling about the game to try and win some money whilst watching their favourite teams play. 

History of UK Football Betting 

Before 1960, betting was not legal in the UK. However, despite this, there have always been acts of gambling related to sports. People have indulged in betting pools. They were on small scales though, and not open to all. With the 1960 Act, the UK government made gambling legal. Betting shops showed up at every corner which allowed all kinds of people to wager their money on football and not just restrict it to pool betting. This has been the most important landmark in football betting. With so many legal shops, fans began to take a rejuvenated interest in betting. Even the sceptical ones came forward to try it out since it was no more illegal. 


However, despite being legal, these shops did not advertise themselves too much and tried to keep a low profile with blacked-out windows and shady interiors. Sports betting had still not gotten social recognition. 


When the more well-renowned betting shops in the late 1980s came to dominate the UK sports betting scene, the activity steadily began to pick up some more popularity and openness. These shops were now hospitable and began to have brighter interiors which made people want to come in. The market only continued to grow throughout the remaining 20th century. Finally, with the advent of the internet, a whole new betting world opened up. It was safer, more diverse, and allowed all kinds of people to participate. Online betting websites today give you several betting options to choose from. 

Tips for Football Betting 


While you can also bet without having to do your research, a solid knowledge of the sports and the teams can help you immensely. Betting is all about guessing, true. But if the guess is based on statistics, logic and history, there is a high chance that it will prove more effective than the one that is not backed by reason. Follow football matches and keep a record of players and how they perform. 

Bet Small Amounts 

Betting large amounts can surely give you back a larger payout, but it can also be much riskier financially. Unless you are absolutely sure (and there’s no such thing as a sure bet), it is best to bet small amounts at first and later maybe parlay more money if betting live. Do not exhaust your entire budget on a single game, no matter how sure you think you are of the outcome. 

Don’t Chase Losses 

People often make the mistake of trying to recover all the losses made over time in a single game. The chances of that happening are extremely small. You might even lose more money in that loop. Thus, it is best to forget about the losses and learn from them. Start afresh with more caution and research. If your predictions prove to be wrong regularly, you might want to take some time off from betting, polish your skills and knowledge and make a comeback after a while. 


The UK has given the world several major sports that even to this day are being played and are immensely popular. Football is perhaps the most English of all games and one can witness its fervour all across the country. Thus, it is only natural that people would want to bet on the sport. If you too are a fan of football but haven’t yet tried betting, do your research and have a go… but have fun and do so safely and responsibly!