What are the Most Staked NFL Bets?

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The countdown to the NFL’s return has begun: with each passing day, the anticipation for the 2022 season increases more and more. If you’re a fan of American football, have you ever thought about earning some money with your guesses? One of the factors behind the immense growth of the sport globally is the ease and high profits that American football provides to bettors.

Want to get in on this? So come with us! We will explain how odds work and the main types of bets. Sit and roll with us.

Why Is Betting On The NFL So Good?

To give you an idea, this is the sport that most moves bookmakers in the United States – billions of dollars are bet on the league annually in the U.S alone. But why is betting on the NFL just like college football betting so good?

For starters, the chance of a tie is practically nil, so you have a 50% chance of hitting the winner of the match when you place the bet — unlike soccer, where the chance of a tie reduces that percentage to just 33%. In addition, bookmakers offer options far beyond hitting the winner that makes life a lot easier for investors — the most famous are the spread, total points, and futures bets.

What are ‘Odds’?

If you are just starting your journey in sports betting, it is worth the explanation. Odds are the numbers that indicate how much you can win by betting on that particular team or situation.

Although the presentation is different in other parts of the planet, the decimal odds system is used in most countries because of its simplicity. To find out how much your bet will yield, you simply multiply the amount that will be invested by the odds available at bookmakers. See how easy it is?

Amount to be wagered X team odds = payout.

Everything is made easier with an example. Let’s look at the odds for the opening match of the 2020 season – which took place on September 10 at Arrowhead Stadium:

(1.40) Kansas City Chiefs vs. Houston Texans (4.50)

The team with the lowest odds is ALWAYS the favorite for the match. In this case, it makes perfect sense for Kansas City to start ahead – especially as the defending champion. How much will you get if you invest $10 in the Chiefs? 10 x 1.40 = $14.00 – this will be the total to be received. Let’s consider the same bet on the Texans: 10 x 4.50 = 45.00.

Easy, no? To calculate the profit, just take the total amount generated by the bet and decrease the amount initially invested. In the case of Texans: $45.00 – $10 = $35.00. So if Houston wins in Missouri, you get 35 reais in profit on a 10-dollar bet.

Main Types of NFL Bets

As we said above, bookmakers like Bodog offer several investment options in a given match – which increases the chance of profit if you know how to choose the most attractive one. We list the main ones:


The Moneyline is the most classic and simple bet of all – nothing more than choosing the winner of the match (as we did in the example between Chiefs and Texans). Of course, the odds of the underdogs will be much higher than the favorites – to reward those who risked the most on the team. This is always the logic in the betting world: the greater the risk, the greater the profit. Often the underdog teams win and make investors around the world happy.


The spread has a complicated name, but it’s quite simple: a margin of victory or defeat points established by the bookmakers to the teams to balance the forces. It is one of the most famous options for betting on the NFL.

Total Points (Over or Under)

Total points betting is extremely popular for one simple reason: you don’t have to pick the winner of the match. To win, just say if the value of the sum of points of the two teams will be greater (over) or less (under) than the pre-established value by the bookmakers.

Future Bets

These are the famous medium and long-term bets. The range of options is huge and goes far beyond who will win the next Super Bowl: the winner of the MVP award, which teams will (or will not) make the playoffs, the champions of each division, the number of victories of each team, etc.

The purpose of a futures bet is to reward the bettor who predicted what would happen before the championship started with a big profit. Of course, the values ​​are valid after the season starts and change weekly – depending on the teams’ performance.


As we mentioned, the NFL is one of those exciting leagues in the world. As the season is starting soon, many opportunities are available in the NFL betting market; we hope you’re prepared. What is your favorite NFL market to bet on? Thanks for reading!