What Is the Best Time to Exercise According to Your Biological Clock?

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When it comes to the best time to exercise, opinions differ. Some people are already out for a morning run before the rooster crows, while others prefer to discharge their energy at the gym and then peacefully surrender to the embrace of Morpheus.


On the other hand, some prefer to exercise in the middle of the day to take a break from their work schedule. What do you prefer?


In this article, you’ll learn the best times to exercise according to your body’s rhythm. Here’s a spoiler: it doesn’t work the same for everyone! Let’s see why…


Listen to Your Circadian Rhythm


When you have a lot of work or an important college assignment, are you one of those who prefer to work late, or those who get up very early and know how to make the most of the first hours of the day?


Think again! If you’re wondering what this scenario has to do with anything, the answer is simple: it helps you figure out if you’re a more active person at night or in the morning. Everyone is different, and this is the first factor in the dilemma of what is the best time to exercise. It’s like studying: some people are better at it in the morning and some in the evening, and some prefer to buy term paper online and not waste time on it.


Circadian rhythm is the natural cycle of physical, mental, and behavioral changes that occur in the body over 24 hours. It is controlled by a small area in the center of the brain and depends mostly on light and dark. It is what our mothers commonly refer to as the “biological clock”, and it affects various factors in the body, such as:


. Sleep

. Body temperature

. Hormones

. Appetite

. Blood pressure

. Heart rate

. Mood

. Energy level


Because of its effect on so many bodily factors, circadian rhythm is one of the most important variables in determining when a person feels best to exercise or work out at the gym, marking each person’s functioning and ability to perform activities at any time of day.


So the next time you’re jealous of that friend who can wake up at four in the morning to swim, or that friend who can work out at night when your battery is already dead, remember that all bodies work differently.


We suggest you listen to your body and determine the time of day when you feel most ready to exercise or do other activities. Here are the benefits of each exercise schedule:


Exercising in the Morning


On one side of the scale, the best time to exercise is in the morning.


A study conducted by Northumbria University and published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that people who like to exercise on an empty stomach burn 20 percent more fat than those who exercise at other times of the day.


This is because working out on an empty stomach uses up fat stores as fuel, while those who work out during the day burn calories accumulated during various meals. Fans of morning exercise claim that it is the best way to start the day right, as it immediately activates the body and gives the energy to work for the rest of the day.


Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of exercising in the morning:




. It helps people establish a regimen and be consistent in doing regular exercise.


. It allows people to start the day with more energy and boosts the body’s metabolism.


. It increases levels of certain hormones or neurotransmitters, such as endorphins, which make you feel better, more vital, and invigorated throughout the day.


. You greet the day much better, not only psychologically, but also physiologically.




. Your body temperature is low in the early hours of the day, which increases your risk of injury and reduces the effectiveness of exercise.


. The willingness to get up early to exercise is usually related to the time we go to bed the night before. Therefore, this time should be early and consistent so that we don’t feel drained of energy the next morning.


. Exercise in the morning certainly has many advantages. Moreover, it is often chosen by those who wake up with energy and prefer to start their day with a routine that makes them feel active during the day.


Exercising at Night


On the other side of the scale in search of the best time to exercise is the evening.


The main benefits of exercising at night have to do with the energy that our body accumulates naturally, since we have already done several things during the day and, therefore, there is a greater desire to exercise.


It also promotes deep sleep and the release of serotonin, a happiness hormone that will make you go to bed more peacefully and with less anxiety.


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.  Body temperature and hormone levels are at their highest at night, so physically our bodies are at their best time to exercise.


. Exercising at night allows the body to be in a better state of readiness and be more resilient, thereby increasing endurance and muscle mass.


. The risk of injury is reduced and the body responds positively after a few hours of activity.


. After a long day at work, many find evening exercise to be a relaxing and calming activity.


. After evening exercise, dreams can be more creative and imaginative.


. At this time, hormone levels and body temperature are at their highest, so the body’s condition is optimal for exercise.




. Late-night exercise, after 9 or 10 o’clock, is not recommended, especially high-intensity exercise, because it can affect your sleep rhythm and delay your need for sleep. This will make you more tired and fatigued the next day.


. When you exercise, your body temperature rises significantly. Because of this, it will be much more difficult to stay still because your muscles are already in a state of full tension, ready for further activity rather than resting as needed at night.


Exercise in the evening, as you have already seen, also has many advantages. It is often chosen by those who prefer to distract themselves from the stress of the day and discharge their energy before the usual meeting with Morpheus.


Final Words


If you’re still in doubt about when is the best time to exercise, it’s best to do a weekly test to find out your body’s reaction and state of mind. Listen to your body and decide for yourself!


Regardless of when is the best time to exercise, all studies agree that the most important thing is to be physically active and keep moving, no matter the time of day, but constantly.