What You Need for the Perfect Sports Bar

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You and your friends can’t get enough of sports. So, what is the best way to pay tribute to your favorite pastime? By dedicating an entire room to it, of course. Sports bars can be found in homes all over the country, with thousands of proud homeowners who have a special room that’s all things sports-related. So, if you were to start making one yourself, what would you need to kick off your very own sports bar?

Proper Furnishing

Furnishing is the obvious place to start. A sports bar is just that: a bar with a lot of sports in it, from the decor, to what is on the TV, as well as games, discussions, and, of course, arguing over your favorite teams. So, for this, you’ll need the bar itself. A standard home bar usually comes around 42 inches tall and 24 inches deep, though depending on your home size, you may have one that’s bigger or smaller. 


Furnishing also refers to the seating near your bar as the last thing you want your sports buddies to do is stand at the bar for hours as you watch the game. That’ll be tiring and uncomfortable for everyone. Invest in comfortable stools enough for you and your company to sit on and enjoy your favorite games for hours on end.

Sporty Decor

What kind of a bar is complete without some sporty decor? But instead of buying those tacky triangular flags from the closest department store or some cheap souvenirs of your favorite team, make something more unique and personal. For example, if you have photos of you or your family playing your favorite sports, put those on the wall to remind yourself just how much joy you and your loved ones have lived through by playing sports.


Find your old baseball mitt, that football that was signed by your favorite quarterback, or even that tennis ball that whacked you in the face when you were at the Wimbledon finals. All of these are personal cherished memories and they’ll be far better additions to your sports bar than any plastic toy or knick-knack you find on the shelves.

A Few Games

You know when those halftime commercials come and you have that little interval of anticipation when you have nothing else to do for the next 15 minutes? Why not pass the time by getting competitive with your friends. Bring in a few games like table tennis or foosball to keep yourself busy while the game comes back on.

Also, it is a sports bar, so it would make sense to actually have a few sports around the place. If you have enough room for a pool table, those also make for hours of competitive fun. Just make sure you leave enough space in the room to walk around in. The last thing you want is to cram all kinds of games into your sports bar, leaving little room to walk around in.