Why 2021 IS The Year for Healthy and Alternative Startups

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Unlike any other time in history, consumers are now conscious about what they are putting into their bodies more than at any other time in our history. Where the demand for healthy alternatives rises, where do you stand on the spectrum?

As people continue to vote with their money, these alternative products are gathering momentum.

Eco-Aware and Health-conscious consumers

The expanding interest in improving personal wellness among the consumers reaches the boundaries of the environment. It becomes more conscious about their health, eco-aware, and their choices lead them towards the purchase of organic goods from the market.

These decisions and actions give rise to the companies that can provide something completely different for their consumers.

The Informed Decisions

There has been that well-established fact that if you use tobacco for a prolonged period, it can cause several illnesses that include fatal cancers of the mouth, throat, and respiratory system.

However, the global industry of tobacco usage has reached around 1.08 trillion dollars by 2027. While nicotine alone cannot be considered the cause of cancer, it is highly addictive.

Some people continue to smoke to fulfill their nicotine cravings even as it provides tobacco’s continued usage despite the well-known risks.

The Unique Tobacco-free Alternative

In a podcast hosted on the Entrepreneur platform, the co-founder of https://blackbuffalo.com/ spoke about how the market has been presented with a unique tobacco-free alternative as a product.

The tobacco-free dip is the best alternative for people who prefer smokeless tobacco, but now they can enjoy it without consuming the actual plant itself. It has the same taste and the feeling of the real deal.

However, the most important aspect of the product is that it feeds to the whole ritual where smokeless tobacco becomes a routine for several activities. The nicotine used in the product is pharmaceutical-grade, so if you’re looking for the perfect solution to a nicotine fix, this might be your answer.

The CBD solution alternative

Apart from the alternative of smokeless tobacco, another product that made a breakthrough in the market has been the CBD alternative that brings numerous benefits along without Mary Jane’s high in general.

As a company inspired by organic and sustainable produce, Verma Farms is another leading name of the year that provides organic CBD products extracted from all-natural hemp and used to make gummies.

The company takes great pride in distilling the oils using low-fuss and no preservatives processes that ensure that the plant’s natural purity remains preserved for the users. There are several uses of CBD products that can be enjoyed without the infamous high.


As the cannabis and CBD spaces reach their highest peak in the market because of the consumer demand, we expect to see several new healthier alternative products in the market to fulfill consumer demand for smokeless tobacco-free dips.