Why Golf and NFL Athletes Are Starting to Use CBD Oil for Muscle and Injury Pain

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No matter how strenuous it may seem, playing sports can take its toll on our bodies. While a sport like football is obviously extremely physically demanding, the repetitive motions involved in swinging a golf club can be just as tough on our bodies. This is why so many golfers and NFL players are turning to CBD, or cannabidiol, oil to take their game to the next level. 


What is CBD All About? 

The cannabis sativa plant, or marijuana, has over 100 compounds, with CBD and THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, being the most well-known. The two could not be more different, however. While THC is the component of marijuana that can get you high, CBD has been credited with numerous health benefits, all without the psycho-active effects of cannabis. 

CBD is believed to work by interacting with our endogenous cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids, which manage processes such as mood, sleep, pain, appetite and immunity. CBD, which has been legalized in the US as long as it does not contain more than 0.3 percent of THC, can be easily purchased from CBD shops like Nordic Oil. If you are an athlete, check out these benefits of CBD oil.


Alleviates Pain and Inflammation

Inflammation and pain are a natural response to strenuous exercise. While a little bit of inflammation is usually not an issue, too much inflammation can prevent us from enjoying our daily activities and performing at our best. Athletes who suffer from inflammation and pain tend to treat them with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as Advil. This, however, is not a great long term solution, and can even lead to strokes, kidney damage and gastrointestinal bleeding. 

Luckily, CBD oil can help you deal with sport-related muscle pain and inflammation. Many athletes have reported that they have been successfully able to replace NSAIDs with CBD with minimal side effects. CBD reduces pain and inflammation by attaching to the CB2 receptors in our bodies and reducing the response of the immune system to strenuous workouts. 


Faster Muscle Recovery 

Giving it all you have on the football field or the green can have repercussions, muscle pain being one. This is where the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil can be a life saver. Either taken in the form of capsules or droplets, or applied topically to the affected area, CBD can speed up muscle recovery after strenuous workouts, leaving you pain-free and ready to get back out there and give it your all. 


Muscle Gain

CBD oil can also help you build muscle, or regain muscle after an illness or injury. It does this by reducing cortisol, a stress hormone that not only causes anxiety and insomnia, but also slows down the synthesis of protein and stops the growth of new tissue. Not many know this, but better sleep can also increase your muscle mass, since your body tends to repair muscle tissue as you rest at night.