Why Wear Shin Pads & What Are The Different Types?

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There are a lot of sports where players come into close contact with the opponents of their team. These sports demand that players must wear appropriate protective wear for the part of the body that is likely to face injury. Some of the examples of contact sports are football, American football, field hockey, ice hockey, and cycling. Players participating in any of these sports will need to wear protective equipment regardless of their level of skill because this helps prevent injuries. 


Shin pads are a kind of protective equipment that can help prevent fracture. Hockey players understand that the ball travels at speeds of more than 60 km/h. This is one of the reasons why even the referee has to wear shin pads in hockey. You can choose from a variety of different hockey shin pads.


Different Types of Field Hockey Shin Pads

The occasional hockey player who is a newcomer to the sport will have different needs from the shin pads in comparison to the expert. This is why we have divided the different types of hockey shin pads into three parts, shin pads for novices, rookies, and experts.

Hockey Shin Pads For Novice Players:

These hockey shin pads will be ideal for someone who has just started playing field hockey. The player needs the most basic form of protection that is affordable. The outer covering of the hockey shin pads must consist of a hard plastic shell. The outer shell will protect the knee in case of impact. 


There might be a little gap beneath the kneecap to provide the wearer with the appropriate range of motion for the knee. A traditional nylon liner will be sufficient for a novice player. Nylon liners can be removed and washed if they begin to smell pungent. Nylon liners are quick to dry after being washed. 

Hockey Shin Pads For Rookies:

These hockey shin pads are for field hockey players who have gained a little more experience in the game. These players know which position they are playing in the field. These shin pads will be slightly costly but they will also provide better protection to the wearer. They will be more comfortable because they are made out of specialized materials. 


Rookie shin pads offer protection for the calf with plastic in combination with premium quality padding. The padding offers protection without being unnecessarily heavy. The liner is made of soft microfibers that protect against moisture without sacrificing comfortability. Some microfibers also are odor resistant. 

Hockey Shin Pads For Experts

Expert hockey shin pads offer the best protection without compromising on comfort or mobility. These shin pads are designed for the experienced field hockey player that is at the core of a good game. Manufacturers exhibit their best features so that professional players will use and endorse their shin pads. This is a quality product that will not be cheap. 


Cutting-edge technology is used to ensure the wearer is protected from all kinds of injuries. The products might contain composites instead of plastic including impact-absorbing smart foams. Liners always include anti-odor technology as well as adjustment capabilities.


It is advisable to consider how much time you are going to spend playing the game before purchasing any kind of hockey shin pads. Young children can use their football shin pads to play field hockey as well. It is advisable to purchase hockey shin pads for players over the age of 13.