Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. vs Budapest Honvéd FC

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Nowadays, it is virtually impossible to imagine European football without the UEFA Champions League. Punters can get live scores for cricket matches and football contests from this and many other competitions through the 1xBet online bookmaker.


Yet, there was a time when, obviously, this competition didn’t exist. There was a moment that proved crucial for the creation of the European Cup, which was the predecessor of the UCL. This was a match celebrated on the 13th of December 1954 between Wolverhampton Wanderers from England and Budapest Honvéd from Hungary. It is possible to get live scores for cricket and football matches from 1xBet, where contests from Hungary and England are featured.


Recovering from a huge blow

English football came to a shocking realization in the early 1950s. After suffering catastrophic defeats for 6-3 and 7-1 against the Hungarian national team, they discovered that they were no longer the best team. Interesting cricket odds live and great rates for football can be encountered at 1xBet.


Because of those heavy defeats, there was a lot of expectation regarding what Wolverhampton was capable of doing on that day. The match began, and by the 14th minute, Budapest Honvéd was already 2-0 up. Many people thought that this was the beginning of another disaster for English football. You can check live cricket and football odds now on the 1xBet website.


However, Wolverhampton decided to try something different. They asked those in charge of keeping the field to water it at half-time. This worked, as the Hungarians were unable to continue playing in the way which impressed the world. The English team recovered and won the match 3-2, with goals scored by:


. Johnny Hancocks;

. Roy Swinbourne;

. Sándor Kocsis;

. and Ferenc Machos.


This match would also have huge ramifications afterwards.


Many people from the English football community claimed that the “pride” of their country had been saved after this performance. By the way, some highly-detailed live football scores are on 1xbet.in/live/football, which also has the English Premier League.


Others went far beyond, and claimed that this match proved that English football was ahead of any other nation. All these disputes had an interesting development. In large part thanks to this match between Wolverhampton and Budapest Honvéd, it was decided to create the European Cup. This tournament is the predecessor of the UEFA Champions League, whose live scores are available on the football section of the 1xBet platform. The idea of this competition was to settle, once and for all, which European country was the best in football.