2006 World Cup Preview

Group A

  1. Germany
  2. Poland
  3. Ecuador
  4. Costa Rica

Home Cooking will be the story of this Grouping as host Germany and near by Poland will take advantage of the European Crowd, Time Zone, and familiar field to advance, as Costa Rica will struggle, and Ecuador will just fall short.

Group B

  1. England
  2. Sweden
  3. Paraguay
  4. Trinidad & Tobago

The Europeans again will run the table in Group B as an English team poised for a historic run starts off with 3 easy wins as Sweden places second, while overmatched Trinidad & Tobago and Paraguay finish in the back of the pack.

Group C

  1. Netherlands
  2. Argentina
  3. Ivory Coast
  4. Serbia & Montenegro

The Euros continue to rise in Group C as the Netherlands clad in Orange will be a tough team to beat, while Argentina in a down year will be lucky just to slip by the Ivory Coast into the elimination rounds, as Serbia in a tough group will be luck just to win 1 game.

Group D

  1. Portugal
  2. Mexico
  3. Iran
  4. Angola

Portugal and Mexico will quickly distance themselves at the head of this group as Iran and an Angola will provide little resistance, in the end look for the familiar surroundings to pay of for the Portuguese as they win the Group.

Group E

  1. USA
  2. Italy
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Ghana

The so called group of death won’t be as scary for the Americans as feared as the Czechs are overrated and the Italians are not as strong as they were in past years. The US is the best team in this group and this will prove they are now a soccer power as they win it with shocking ease as the Italians edge the Czechs for second.

Group F

  1. Brazil
  2. Croatia
  3. Australia
  4. Japan

There are some that believe Brazil is an unstoppable force and after the Prelims it may be hard to argue against it as they easy win all three games, while Croatia is also able to advance by winning a close battle for second among the other 3 Nations.

Group G

  1. France
  2. Switzerland
  3. Togo
  4. South Korea

After a disappointing 2002 Cup, France who won the Cup in 1998 believes that can win again, and in Group G it will be a breeze as their opponents will put up little resistance, while the Swiss slip in by edging pesky Togo who could cause headaches for all involved.

Group H

  1. Spain
  2. Tunisia
  3. Ukraine
  4. Saudi Arabia

Spain should be able to walk over this group but it wont be as easy as they hope as they will have to seat it out until the end while Tunisia also advances by edging past Ukraine as the Saudis just play the role of punching bag.


Germany over Sweden 2-1

Germany will sweat this one to the end, before advancing.

Netherlands over Mexico 1-1 (PS)

This will be one of the best matches of the Cup.

USA over Croatia 2-Nil

The Red White and Blue makes a United Statement with a whitewashing.

France over Tunisia 3-Nil

The French will get little resistance from Tunisia.

England over Poland 2-1

An early test for England passed with flying colors.

Portugal over Argentina 3-1

Argentina will be easily dominated by a solid team from Portugal.

Brazil over Italy 4-1

The Italians weaknesses are exposed a s Brazil wins going away.

Switzerland over Spain 2-2 (PS)

It will be close all the way as the Swiss score a big upset.


Germany over Neth. 2-2 (PS)

The nervous German crowd will erupt as the host stays alive in a shoot out.

USA over France 2-1

It will be close but in the end the US will get a big goal late and prove they belong on the world stage.

England over Portugal 2-2 (PS)

The English with another test will be pesky again as they keep their cup hopes alive.

Brazil over Switzerland 3-Nil

Another easy win for Brazil.


Germany over USA 2-1

The USA will give Germany all they can handle but in the end the host country will prove superior.

England over Brazil 3-2

A win that will equal the Miracle on Ice for English Soccer fans for decades to come, as the mighty Brazilians in a close game are tripped up in overtime.

3rd Place

USA over Brazil 2-1

One team will be stunned and reeling from a historic humbling upset the other will be feeling good and looking for one more statement, look for the Brazilians to come out flat as the US finishes 3rd.


England over Germany 2-1

Spurred on by their great upset of Brazil the hostile crowd has no effect as the English Footballers return to London Soccer Royalty, with the World Cup in hand.

©MMVI Tank Productions. Predictions Made by Frank Fleming on June 8, 2006 at 11:45 pm EST.