Pittsburgh Allegheneys

First Game Played May 2, 1882 Last Game Played October 12, 1886

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1882: One of six charter franchises in the American Association, the Pittsburgh Alleghenys named after one of the three major waterways in the city played at Exposition Park. Managed by Al Pratt, the Alleghenys posted a record of 39-39 and finished in fourth place. Ed Smartwood was the team’s leading hitter with a .331 average, while Harry Salisburry won 20 games to lead Pittsburgh on the mound.

1883: The Pittsburgh Alleghenys struggled in their second season as they finished in seventh place among eight teams with a record of 31-67. Ed Swartwood again led the team in hitting posting a .357 average, while Denny Driscoll was Pittsburgh’s top hurler with 18 wins.

1884: The Pittsburgh Alleghenys now playing in Recreation Park struggled in their third season as they cycled through five managers, while finishing 11th with a record of 30-78. Ed Smartwood again had the highest batting average at .288. On the mound Fleury Sullivan was Pittsburgh’s to pitcher with 16 wins.

1885: With Horace Phillips taking over as manager, the Pittsburgh Alleghenys post their first winning season, finishing in third place with a record of 56-55 as they acquired several played from the defunct Columbus Buckeyes. Tom Brown led the new look Alleghneys in hitting with a .307 average, with four home runs and 68 RBI. On the mound Ed Morris was a workhorse, posting a record of 39-24 with a 2.35 ERA.

1886: The Pittsburgh Alleghnys continued to improve as they finished in second place with a record of 80-57. Fred Carroll was the Alleghnys leading hitter, posting an average of .288, with five home runs and 64 RBI. Ed Morris again carried the load on the mound, with a 41-20 record, while posting an ERA of 2.45. Pud Galvin also had a strong season with a record of 29-21. It would be the Alleghnys final season in the American Association. Following the season, they were invited to join the more established National League. The Pittsburgh Alleghnys would later become the Pittsburgh Pirates and are one of the oldest teams in MLB. However, their years in the AA are often ignored or forgotten.

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