Boston Red Sox take on the New York Yankees in London for the first time

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With the Boston Red Sox due to play the New York Yankees in the first ever Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2019 in just over a weeks’ time on June 29 – 30 at London Stadium we thought we’d take this opportunity to let any of the newcomer baseball fans know a thing or two about the wider context of baseball finally setting its stamp on the European continent for the first time.

The regular season will have 2,430 major league games this year with plenty games taking place in the minor leagues, the significance of which won’t mean much until the closing stages of the season. MLB is also popular with bettors and with New Jersey betting websites with odds available throughout the year.

Speaking about the growing interest in American sports over in the United Kingdom, Alex Rodriguez, who is the former Yankees superstar, who now works extensively as a commentator recently said that “many years ago when the NFL first went across-the-pond we never thought that we’d be here so many years later doing fantastically”. He continues, “I think the same can be true for baseball. Our goal is to make the game a global sport. We are incredibly embedded in Latin America, embedded in Japan and obviously London is one of the greatest markets in the world. I actually think it is custom made for London and the fans.”

With two of MLB’s greatest franchise taking stage in London in just over a week time, the Yankees manager Aaron Boone also commented recently by saying that “obviously the Red Sox won the World Series, we won 100 games we feel like it’s two teams that are going to fight it out and have real championship hopes, with a lot of star players in the prime of their careers.”

Needless to say, only time will tell whether this great American sport will be able to grow to such an extent as the NFL did in recent years across the pond, however, with the right amount of marketing and patience there are all of the ingredients available for MLB to be just as successful.