4 caster Frank’s Weekly Picks

Last Week: 1-1 .500
Grand Total: 138-128 .519
Regular Season Total: 135-121 .527


Buccaneers 24 Raiders 13

Man the cannons we have a Pirate war. From the West Coast come the Oakland Raiders one of the most successful franchise in history from the East Coast comes the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who would like to forget their first 20 years of existence. However that was then this is now. The Buccaneers are no longer the “Pastel Patsies” in Popsicle orange, they no longer have Buccaneer Bruce, the forgotten member of the Village People on the helmet, and they are no longer the team that can’t win a big game on the road. Instead the Buccaneers have a ferocious defense that has held the Eagles and 49ers to 16 combined points in the playoffs. Taking a similar path to the Super Bowl that the Baltimore Ravens took 2 years. Along the way the Ravens sunk the Raiders by pressuring Rich Gannon. Coaching the Raiders that day was Jon Gruden who knows the Raiders offense like the back of his hand. True none of this may matter, but the one defense the Raiders played this year they can compare to the Bucs was the Miami Dolphins, and they did not fare to well Gannon was beat up and knocked down as the Dolphins won 23-17. The Buccaneers defense is even faster and tougher then the Dolphins, and unless Rich Gannon has a historical great game the Raiders ship will be sinking as the Buccaneers will leave San Diego harbor holding the Lombardi Trophy.