2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 7-9 .438
Season Total: 78-82 .488



Dolphins 24 Lions 10

Its Thanksgiving and Joe Harrington is going to serve a dish of revenge with his Turkey as the Dolphins come in and win their 4th straight by taming the Lions, who will here forth be called the Pussy Cats, since that name is more true to how they play, as the annual Fire Millen signs are all over Ford Field.


Cowboys 27 Buccaneers 7

The Buccaneers got a win last week, but it was just a one week reprieve from what is officially a lost season, while QB change to Tony Romo appears to be just what the doctor ordered. Look for the Cowboys to grab the lead early and never look back as the Bucs once great defense is now as soft as the Pumpkin Pie.


Chiefs 24 Broncos 13

Remember when the Broncos defense was not allowing any Touchdowns? Well now they are allowing them in spades, as they blew a 17-point lead in the second half last week, and now go into Kansas City a place where they never fair well. Look for the Chiefs to have a fest as the Broncos head back over the river and through the woods with a loss.


Falcons 24 Saints 20

Two teams that a month ago looked to be the class of the NFC South are now fighting for survival as each come in playing poorly. Look for the Falcons who need the win allot more get it behind the strength of their home field, as they avenge their loss in Week 3 at the Super Dome, while ending a 3-game losing streak


Ravens 27 Steelers 13

Last year they were on a drive for Lombardi Trophy number five, powered by the Bus all of Pittsburgh went on a fun ride. Now with a wrecked Motorcycle and a 4-6 record their hopes hang by a line. That line will be cut by a beak of raven that mocks and laughs the season in ashes, Quote the Ravens Steelers Super Bowl Champs Nevermore, or at least not in 2006.


Jaguars 20 Bills 10

The Jaguars can be feast or famine they can beat the Cowboys, or lose twice to the Texans. They can dominate the Giants or lose to the Redskins. Hard to tell which team will show up week to week, but in Buffalo, it should be the good one, expect a Jaguars win behind their tough defense.


Bengals 42 Browns 31

Look for the offensive fireworks to be lighting up the skies over Ohio, as the Bengals and Browns meet in Cleveland. Look for Ocho Cinco to continue to be oh so awesome, while the Bengals defense remains incapable of stopping even the Browns. In the end the Bengals have too many weapons and they will get the win.


Cardinals 24 Vikings 20

Last week the Cardinals ended their 8-game losing streak by feasting on the lackluster Lions at home. Now on the road Dennis Green returns to Minnesota with his job in peril. Look for Green to continue the case for returning in 2007 as they stun the free falling Vikings in the Metrodome.


Jets 24 Texans 10

Despite being shut out last week by the Bears, the Jets played a solid game. In fact if you take away a costly interception and a bad coaching decision to start the second half with an on-side kick they may have won. This week against the Texans they are afforded a margin of error and they will get the win easily.


Rams 27 49ers 20

With three straight wins the 49ers are flying high, as their young foundation is starting to mold into solid NFL players. A win this week and they are serious playoff contenders at 6-5. However, no team turns it around without growing pains and this week they have plenty of pain as they lose on the road to a desperate Rams team.


Panthers 24 Redskins 0

Say it ain’t so Joe, the Redskins are done, and the game has passed Hall of Famer Joe Gibbs by. Look for the Panthers to also pass the Redskins by, and run the Redskins by, while the Redskins can’t pass or run by anybody as the Panthers coming off a shutout last week continue to dominate on defense.


Chargers 45 Raiders 0

The question is not who will win this game, the question is can the Raiders score, and can they stop LT. The answer is NO, as LaDainian Tomlinson will score as many touchdowns as he wants to. Expect at least another 4 TD game from LT as the Chargers continue to round into what could be the most dangerous team in the playoffs.


Patriots 24 Bears 13

Twenty years ago this was an unlikely Super Bowl Match up that turned into a mismatch as the Bears completed their dominate season with a 46-10 win in Super Bowl XX. In recent years it’s been the Patriots, who have been super, but with the Bears 9-1 and three games better then anyone else in the NFC they may be going back, but on the road in Foxboro they won’t be getting a win this week.


Giants 24 Titans 13

The Giants are suddenly sleeping after once looking like a Super Bowl contender at 6-2, they now look like a pretender after two straight bad losses in Primetime. This week they go off to Music Row in Nashville, and get things back in tune as they get a feel good win against the hapless Titans.


Colts 38 Eagles 13

Last week tears were falling in Philadelphia as the Eagles had their wings clipped, as QB Donovan McNabb tore his ACL, ripping up the Eagles playoff hopes along the way. Tears were also falling in NBC who flexed this game looking forward to a McNabb vs. Manning showdown, and now are left with Jeff Garcia or AJ Feely and the Colts in a laugher.


Seahawks 27 Packers 10

Matt Hasselbeck looks to return in primetime as the Packers come in hurting with Brett Favre’s banged up elbow, while back up Aaron Rodgers in out with a broken foot. Look for the Seahawks to begin a Super Bowl push now that they are healthy, as they win going away on Monday Night.