2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 5-9 .357
Season Total: 19-27 .413



Falcons 27 Cardinals 17

Earlier in the week Cardinals Coach Dennis Green was toying with the idea of starting Rookie QB Matt Leinart, after Kurt Warner struggles again he will be fully ready to name Leinart the new starter. Look for Leinart to enter the game at halftime and almost lead the Cardinals back after trailing big early.


Chargers 24 Ravens 13

Both teams come into this one unbeaten, but the Ravens last week barely squeaked by the Browns, they won’t be as lucky this week as the Chargers come off a bye flying and continue to dominate on both side of the ball with LaDainian Tomlinson rushing for 100 yards and 2 TDs.


Vikings 24 Bills 13

The Vikings have played solid football in their first three games winning two on late field goals and narrowly losing last week. This week against the Bills they won’t need a late field goal to win either as they lead through out and win going away, as they spoil Andre Reed day in Orchard Park.


Panthers 24 Saints 10

Looking at the first three weeks you would think the Saints are the Super Bowl contender and the Panthers were the team rebuilding after a 3-13 season. However this will be corrected this week as the Saints coming off their Monday Night High suffer a Sunday low and lose to the Panthers big.


Dolphins 31 Texans 10

The Texans defense has made the Donovan McNabb and Peyton Manning look like all pros and they are all pros, but they also made Mark Brunnel look good and that’s hard to do. So far Daue Culpepper has had trouble getting anything going with the Dolphins, the Texans will be just what the doctor ordered.


Chiefs 24 49ers 20

Both teams come into this game beat up with Chiefs QB Trent Green still out with a concussion, and the 49ers missing their rookie TE Vernon Davis. Look for the young 49ers to put up a solid effort, but eventually the crowd in Arrowhead and the running of Larry Johnson will make the difference.


Colts 45 Jets 17

The Jets have played well so far as they sit at 2-1, but they have yet to play a team like the Colts, they have yet to have their weaknesses exposed. This week that all happens as Peyton manning has another 300 yard game as the Colts gallop Secretariat like to the finish line.


Cowboys 34 Titans 13

The NFL’s traveling Soap Opera; “As the World Turns around T.O.” comes to the home of the Grand ole Oprey. Look for the Cowboys to win easily, as the drama around weather or not TO will have the guts to return to Philly next week and Bill Parcells who ages every time T.O.’s name is mentioned.


Rams 24 Lions 13

Here kitty kitty kitty kitty, Meow ahh the Lions must be in town what a rough and tumble bunch they are too no defense no offense and a GM that knows deep dark secrets about ownership that he will expose if ever fired, (How else would Matt Millen keep his job?) Rams win easily.


Bengals 34 Patriots 20

The time for the Patriots is over Tom Brady sorely misses Deion Branch, and the defense is not as good as it was two years ago. The time for the Bengals is just beginning look for Carson Palmer to begin filling out a MVP candidacy as the Bengals win going away, with three solid receivers that Brady each wishes he had.


Browns 24 Raiders 10

Both teams are winless the Raiders off a bye and have looked historically bad the Browns are young have given some good efforts at least. This week effort pays off as the Browns go in to Oakland and win by tow touchdowns as the phrase the Raiders are on the clock becomes the theme for the rest of the season.


Jaguars 17 Redskins 13

You would just have to imagine that Redskins QB Mark Brunnel off his best game in 3 years would love to beat the Jaguars where he was an All -Pro QB in the late 90s. But its almost the late 00’s and this is no nostalgic Vh-1 show its the NFL, as the Jaguars defense has him on the ground all day.


Seahawks 20 Bears 17

The game of the week and its in primetime on NBC, the peacock must be proud they got this one because it will be everything that is advertised as the two 3-0 teams will both play good enough to be 4-0, but in the end the Seahawks talent and experience will win out as they win on a last second field goal.


Eagles 41 Packers 17

ESPN hired Tony Kornhiser to help in garbage time, this week he will be working hard for his money as garbage time will last the entire second half as the Brett Favre after a strong Week 3 (against the sorry Lions) looks old again against an Eagles team he has never had much luck beating.