2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 5-9 .357
Season Total: 24-36 .400



Panthers 31 Browns 10

After a 0-2 start the Panthers are back at the break even point with two straight wins against division foes. Both games were tight but al that matters is the Panthers got a win, this week it will not be as close as they finally break out and thump the Browns who were lucky just to beat the Raiders last week.


Bears 24 Bills 3

We’re not here to cause no trouble we’re just here doing the Super Bowl Shuffle. After last week’s trouncing of the Seahawks the Bears looking to dancing to a winning beat. This week look for them to give another beat down as Bills will shuffle back to Buffalo black and blue.


Rams 34 Packers 13

The more you see Brett Favre the more it appears he should have retired; the team around him just plain is not good. Not even his prime could Favre win with this team. However, with his best days behind him the games just end up being painful to watch. This wont be any different as the Pack lose big.


Colts 52 Titans 10

This week Peyton Manning will shooting Television Commercials all week, as he breaks of cadence and tells viewers to turn the channel because this game is a blow out, then he throws a nice TD pass to Marvin Harrison as Pacman Jones its burn again and again, earning a new nick name Toastman Jones.


Vikings 27 Lions 17

After a 2-0 start the Vikings have scuffled and fallen back to earth at 2-2. This week things will be different as they play the Kitty Cats. Look for the Vikings to break out and win going away as the Lions continue to be the Kings of NFC Northern Division basement.


Patriots 31 Dolphins 0

D-is for the disappointing season they are having, O is for the offense I wish we had, L-is for lousy line that cant black an old lady, P-is for pummeling they will suffer, H-is for the hideous season they will have, I-is for interceptions which Culpepper loves to throw, N-is for the nausea they give their fans. S-is for this week’s shutout.


Saints 24 Buccaneers 10

Just who is starting at Quarterback for the Buccaneers this week? Whenever that question is asked the answer is never likely to be good. All Chris Simms knows is that he ain’t got no spleen, Gene. Meanwhile Cadillac Williams is looking more like Yugo Williams, as in YU Go Nowhere, and so the Bucs.


Giants 31 Redskins 10

The Giants are 1-2 and a victim of a tough schedule; look for them to come off their bye week flying as they hammer their NFC Eastern Division rivals in a statement game. Look for Jeremy Shockey to do the walking after doing nothing but talking after their last game as the Giants get back on track.


Cardinals 20 Chiefs 17

The Matt Leinart era begins in Arizona as the Cardinals desperate for a win stun the Chiefs in overtime. Face it the Chiefs 41-0 win last week was an aberration, they are not that good, especially on the road and the Cardinals simply need a spark and Leinart is just what the doctor ordered.


Jaguars 20 Jets 3

After a solid performance against the Colts last week, the Jets are due for a letdown. That letdown will come in Jacksonville, as the Jaguars needing a win revert to the dominance they showed in shutting out the Steelers in Week 2. Look for the Jets to have trouble getting first downs let alone cracking the endzone, while RB Fred Taylor is due for a big game.


49ers 24 Raiders 13

When ESPN first got NFL Primetime they had a host name Pete Axthelm who referred to games between the Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers as “The Bay of Pigs”. Now that title can fit the battle of San Francisco Bay, as the 49ers are terrible and the Raiders are even worse. Look for the young 49ers to show more spirit and in the end it carries the day.


Eagles 27 Cowboys 24

City of Brotherly Love is the most ironic name for Philly. JD Drew was once pelted with batteries, and Jimmy Johnson was once hit with a snowball thrown by at that time Mayor Ed Rendell. While Michael Irvin’s neck injury was cheered and Santa Claus was booed. its a good thing the Linc as T.O. becomes the target of scorn and angry ex-teammates in an Eagle win.


Chargers 24 Steelers 13

The Chargers in powder blue will bounce back nicely off their last minute loss last week while avenging a last minute loss for last season. Look for the QB Ben Roethlisberger to continue to struggle as the talk of benching begins to rise up as the Steelers limp home with a record of 1-3.


Broncos 17 Ravens 9

The Ravens are 3-0 but each of the last two weeks needed a last minute miracle. This week in Mile High Altitude they will fall behind again, but they will not come back as the Broncos show their defense is just as good as the Ravens, as they gallop to 3-1 with their defense getting a score.